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9 Slovak Dog Commands

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Hello dog lovers! Ever thought about trying something different with your dog to make the bond between you too stronger even more? That could lead to a behaved and well-mannered dog that one wishes for. Read on to learn some generic Slovak dog commands!

Slovak Dog Commands

Teaching your dog to be a well-behaved pet is an overwhelming process. However, canine HQ explains you can use the following Slovak dog commands to train your puppy. 


This dog command is used to make your pet sit. It is one of the easiest dog commands and is also used for teaching instructions to your puppy. For teaching this command, start holding a treat close to your dog’s nose such that he has to reach for it. Wait for your dog to lower his back and sit on the ground as he tries to get the treat. Reward him with a treat and this process will strengthen the behavior.


Person holding up 1 finger to a black and white dog sitting in a large grass field.

If we translate English to Slovak, Zostan is known as the stay command for dogs. It is a very common instruction in dog training. Some dogs can take a while in this process to gasp your command so don’t be upset about it. Start with a keep constant eye contact with your dog while holding a treat. Keep repeating the word stay while moving backward. If your dog stays in one place, reward him with a treat. However, this step will strengthen the behavior of the dog.


Aport in the Slovak language is a “Fetch” command. This is used to train your dog to fetch objects on command. It is another challenging part of dog training. Try throwing a toy in any direction and saying ‘fetch,’ and your dog will likely run after it. When the toy is caught, praise and give him treats for encouragement. Keep repeating till your dog becomes good at fetching objects.

K Nohe

Jack Russell Terrier heeling at persons side, walking across a grass field.

K Nohe means ‘heel’ in Slovakian. The ‘heel’ command lets your dog walk right beside you. You can make your dog follow your command with the help of treats.  Just hold the treat when he walks by your side. Repeat this process multiple times, until your dog learns to heel on command!

Ku Mne

This command generally refers to the ‘come here’ command. You can use this command to make your dog come to you and stay by your side.  For teaching your dog the come here command, start with toys to focus on them. Also, make sure there are no distractions around to avoid any inconvenience. Repeat the command several times until your dog gets the hang of it.


Jack Russell Terrier puppy on a brick paver pathway, standing on its hind legs.

Stoj is the Slovakian word for ‘stand. Hold the treat in front of his/her nose and say stand. Start to pull the treat very slowly towards you and your dog will end up following the treat. The moment he stands, praise your dog, click your clicker, and give him the treat. Repeat the process and see the results.


This dog command is used to make your dog lie down. Dogs of certain breeds are notorious for being stubborn. For training this tricky command, you will need to use tasty treats. Hold the treat near your dog’s nose, so your dog may be able to get a better whiff.

Then, slowly lower your hand to the floor, repeating the ‘down’ command to your dog. You may need to slide your hand over the ground to get your dog to follow your instructions.


Young girl in a family room setting, holding finger to lips as if saying "Quiet"

Quiet in Slovakian is ‘Ticho.’ This command is useful in situations where your dog should stay quiet. As soon as your dog barks, place a tasty treat (cheese, hotdogs, liver snacks, etc.) directly in front of its nose while repeating the command. You may need to repeat the process multiple times before your dog starts associating the command with staying quiet.


Fuj or Pfui is the Slovakian version of ‘no.’ This command allows you to stop your dog from doing the things you don’t want him to. Here is how to teach your dog the ‘no’ command. Before starting this training, make sure your dog is hungry beforehand. Place a treat in front of your dog and as he tries to get it, firmly say ‘no.’ You may need to repeat this process more than you might expect because some dog breeds are more stubborn than others.

Slovak dog commands are pretty useful if you want to teach your dog in a different language. It is also easier for you to say these commands out loud because of fewer syllables. People from Slovakia can learn these effective dogs commands easily. People of Slovak can easily learn these simple dog training steps. While people of other countries can try this too. Teaching a dog in another language is a fun activity you can try! Have you taught your dog commands in different languages? Let us know!  

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