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9 Swedish Dog Commands

Map with Sweden marked with a blue push pin

Dogs are all-time favorite pets for humans and everyone wants to train his/her pup according to his/her desire. Dog commands are taught in several different languages and all of them have their benefits. For example, Swedish dog commands can are very helpful for training Swedish breeds, Drever, Samaland hound, and Jamthund. If you want to train your canine companion in Swedish, read on to learn how you can do it.

Swedish Dog Commands

The following are some of the most popular Swedish dog commands that your pup can learn for better behavior.


Puppy sitting in a pile of hay

In this dog command, you will make your pooch sit down by saying the word “Sitt”. It is more influential and helpful than the ‘sit’ command because there’s an extra emphasis on the alphabet “t”. It can make it easier for your dog to understand. You can also accompany this command with a gesture of sitting down.

For teaching the “Sitt” command, hold your dog’s favorite treat in your hand. Move your hand down towards the ground and allow your canine friend to sniff the food. Give the treat to your dog as soon as he/she hits the floor. Repeat this multiple times and your pup will eventually learn to sit down. 


Weimaraner laying in grass in a yard

This dog command is used to make your dog ‘lay down’. It is an important command because it is beneficial for teaching several other instructions.

Holding a treat in your hand and bring it in front of your dog’s nose. Say the command “Ligg” and wait for him/her to lay down. After that, give him/her the treat by placing it on the floor. Keep repeating this practice (several times a day) until your dog learns to obey the command.


Australian Shepherd running in a field towards the camera

This Swedish dog command gives you an alternative way of calling your pooch towards you because “Hit” means come here. It can be a tricky command to teach your dog because it requires a leash.

Gallant explains that you need to put the dog on the leash and stand away from him/her. Then, ask your canine friend to come closer by showing him/her some food. If your dog obeys the command, reward him/her with the tasty treat.


Dog jumping up to get toy that owner is holding up in the air

Hoppa is the word for “jump” in Swedish. Jumping is an entertaining part of a dog’s play. However, the owner must control the dog when to jump and when not to jump. Some canines show reluctance with this command, but consistency is the key to make them understand what does ‘Hoppa’ mean.

This command can be practiced by holding a treat above your pup’s head. Say “Hoppa” in a loud and clear tone to tell your dog to jump. Keep changing the distance between the treat and your canine to keep him/her interested.


Jack Russell Terrier running with yellow stick across a grass yard

The alternative for fetch in Swedish is “Apport”. This is an extremely useful command because it enables your dog to fetch things, like a ball or basket, for you. For training this instruction, it’s highly recommended to use your dog’s favorite object.

Throw or place that object at some distance and tell your pooch to chase it. Once your pup does that, call him/her back. Say the word ‘Apport’ while sending your dog towards the object. For calling him/her back, simply show a treat in your hand and he/she will come back. Alternatively, you can use the ‘Hit’ command for calling your pooch back.


Finger pointed at black, brown, and white dog as if telling it no.

You will say “Nej instead of “No” while teaching your pup Swedish dog commands. This command is elemental to stop your dog from disobeying you. Hence, it is vital for maintaining a positive relationship between the pet and his/her owner.

For this trick, you will be needing a leash and some treats. Put your dog on the leash and place a treat on the ground. Walk a few steps towards the treat and stop at a certain distance. Now, pull the dog and say ‘Nej’. If your dog leaves the treat and comes back to you, reward him/her with another treat (from your hand).

Ta han

German Shepherd trying to bit the arm of a man in a thick training glove- outdoors in a field

The counterpart of “Get Him” in Swedish is “Ta Han”. It’s one of the primary responsibilities of a dog to safeguard the owner. This dog command allows the owner to call his/her canine companion for help. ‘Ta han’ means asking your dog to attack some other person who is a constant danger for you. That person can be a thief, kidnapper, or even a murderer.

To teach this command, you will need a long white glove that covers your arm. Expert Security Tips discusses that you should tap your dog’s back with your hand. This will irritate him/her and he/she will try to attack your hand. When your pup exhibits this behavior, say ‘Ta han’ in a loud voice and give him/her a treat.


Yellow Labrador Retriever with paw in owners hand

Shaking hands with a dog is a very delightful act for human beings. To train a dog how to ‘Shake Paw’, the word “Skaka” is used in Swedish. For teaching this command, you have to hold your canine’s paw in your hand and shake it in the air. Repeat the term ‘Skaka’ and see how your pooch reacts. If he obeys the command, give him/her a treat.


Woman squatted down to show a beagle affection.

Komma is the alternative for “Come” in the Swedish Language. This is an effective command when you want your pooch to come towards you. This Swedish dog command can also be used to teach other advanced instructions.

This command is taught by keeping the dog on a leash. Give a slight push to the leash to tell your dog that you want him/her to come to you. You will accompany this action with the verbal cue (“Komma” ). If your pup understands and obeys your command, reward him/her with a treat. Repeat it regularly to turn this behavior into a habit.

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