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10 Romanian Dog Commands

Map with red thumb tack in Romania

Every dog owner wants to train the pet according to his/her desire and comfort. That’s the reason why we have many dog commands in different languages, including Romanian. Many eminent dog breeds, such as Mioritic, Carpatin, and Bucovina shepherd, come from Romania and Romanian dog commands are quite useful for training them. Similarly, if you are planning to visit Romania anytime soon with your favorite pooch, these commands are ideal for you.

Romanian Dog Commands

The following Romanian dog commands can help you to teach your pup some basic manners.


Woman pointing at ground with one finger while golden retriever puppy sits.

This dog command is used to make your dog ‘sit down’. It is very helpful for basic training because it is a pre-requisite for several other commands.

For teaching the “Culcat” command, you can play a tasty food game. Simply, hold a treat in your palm and place your hand in front of your canine friend. Then, slowly move your hand down and say ‘Culcat’ in a clear tone. Once your pooch sits, reward him/her with the treat.


Beagle puppy running towards camera in grass outdoors

Vino is another basic dog commandwhich means ‘come here’. Although it can be a little difficult to teach, “Vino” is a very beneficial instruction for training your pup.

Start the session by putting your dog on a leash. After that, stand away from him/her say ‘Vino’. You can also give a slight pull to the leash to signal your pooch. In the beginning, you can also use treats to lure him/her. When your dog obliges, give him/her a treat to reinforce this behavior.


German Shepherd sitting in field while girl rewards it for sitting and staying

Patience is the most important factor while training your dog. This is because canines are bound to make mistakes and it’s your responsibility to stop them. For this purpose, you will need this Romanian dog command which means stop or stay.

Start the training by using the ‘Culcat’ command to make your dog sit. Now, turn around and take a few steps. If your dog chases you, say “Stai” and show a hand to tell him/her to stop. Once your adorable pooch follows your instruction, reward him/her with a treat.


Jack Russell terrier outdoors jumping high into the air

This is another useful command for teaching your dog some basic manners. It means ‘jump’ and is often used during a play session. For teaching this instruction, you can use a toy (or treat). Hold the toy in your hand and take it above your dog’s head. Now, say “Sus” and wait for your pup to jump for the toy. When he/she does that, give him/her the toy as a reward.

a îndura

Jack Russell terrier holding rope toy in mouth outdoors

When you want to say your dog to take anything you have, you will use this Romanian dog command. For example, pick up a dog toy and put it in your dog’s mouth. Then, say the word ‘a îndura’ and let your furry friend hold the toy for some time in his/her mouth. After that, reward your lovely pup with a treat. Practice this command regularly (2-3 times daily) to turn it into a permanent habit.


Woman in dark blue shirt on a lighter blue background with her finger to her lips signaling "Quiet"

Barking is an instinctive behavior of dogs and they can’t live without it. Therefore, it’s compulsory to have a dog command that could make your dog go quiet. This is the perfect dog command for this purpose because it means ‘quiet’.

If your dog is barking loudly, tap his/her back and say “Linişte”. Petting your pooch will relax him/her and he/she will become quiet. When that happens, praise your pup and give him/her a scrumptious treat.

nu e vo

Small dog laying on floor surrounded by dog toys

‘Leave it’ is the translation of the term ‘nu e vo’. This term is essential for the training of your dog because it allows you to instruct him/her to leave an object.

Start the training session by holding a treat in each of your hands. Hide one treat behind your back and show the other one to your dog. After that, say ‘nu e vo’ and your dog should lose interest in that treat. When he/she does that, reward him/her with the hidden treat that was behind your back.

în stânga

Jack Russell Terrier on a leash in a field of grass

This dog command is used to tell your dog to turn to the ‘Left’. This instruction will be helpful while taking your dog on a walk. If you are turning to the left, simply say your dogîn stânga” and he/she will follow.

To train this command, place a catchy object on the left-hand side of your dog. When he/she is about to turn left, say “în stânga” in a loud voice. Reward your pup immediately for obeying because skipping his/her reward can affect the training.


A pair of Shiba Inus walking on a leash next to a person in red shoes

This Romanian dog command means to turn in the ‘Right’ direction. Just like “în stânga”, this command is helpful while walking with your dog in street. A trained pooch will know when you say “dreapta”, he/she has to turn right.

This can be done at home by placing any tasty food on the right side of your dog. Say the word “dreapta” loudly just before the dog turns. Once your canine friend has moved in the right direction, reward him/her with the treat.Keep doing this at home twice or thrice a day.

Da labuta

Clos up of dog paw in a human hand

This command means ‘Shake Paw’ and is useful while introducing your dog to your friends and family. It can be an excellent demonstration of your canine’s friendly nature. You can practice this command by holding the paw of your dog in your hand and shaking it several times. Now. ask your dog to repeat this gesture by saying the word “da labuta”.

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