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The Best Dog for a Scared Child

Small girl sitting with golden retriever next to body of water

Are you finding it difficult to decide the most suitable dog breed for your family? Fortunately, you are not the only one who is facing this issue as this is a very common ambiguity. If you have children in the family, you might want to know which dogs are good with kids.

While there are several family-friendly dogs that you can adopt, you MUST teach your children the ways to handle a pet. Similarly, you need to educate them that provoking an animal can result in an aggressive reaction. Some of the dogs that are best for a scared child are as follows.

Dog Breeds that are Good with Children

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever playing with 2 small girls in living room

This beautiful Scottish breed is among America’s most popular dogs. It has a reputation for being excellent at hunting and fieldwork. Similarly, Golden Retrievers have done exceptionally well as search-and-rescue dogs in dangerous situations. Luckily, all these activities didn’t affect the qualities of a good house pet.

Golden Retrievers are outgoing, trustworthy, and eager-to-please family dogs who are relatively easy to train. They take a joyous and playful approach to life and maintain this puppyish behavior into adulthood.

The happy-go-lucky image for this dog breed is not an empty stereotype. This breed is ridiculously good-natured and loves being a part of the family. Their calm and composed temperament allows them to treat small kids with a lot of affection.


Collie being hugged by young boy on rock covered path

Collies are fantastic family companions and you can always count on them to help you when in need. This dog breed may frighten small kids at first (due to its big size), but Collies are very sensitive to the need of their owners. They love to take care of children and have a very protective attitude towards them.

Collies are amongst the most recognizable and loved dog breeds of the world. They require gentle training to live a happy life and make wonderful family pets. The loyalty, intelligence, and sterling character of these canines are the stuff of legend.


Beagle laying on carpet with young child

Beagles are probably the least scary dogs on this list. This is one of the major reasons why children are comfortable with them. The adorable brown eyes perfectly go along Beagle’s happy, funny, and pleading expression.

This dog breed is described as “merry” by its owners for its loving and companionable nature. Likewise, these amiable dogs are always full of positive vibes. All these qualities make them an excellent choice for family companionship.

Beagles are terrific with kids and love to play with them. However, they are naughtier than children and you need to keep an eye on them to avoid trouble. These curious and sweet dogs are so playful that they can cross the line without even realizing it. Therefore, caution is necessary with Beagles.

Icelandic Sheepdog

Close up of Icelandic Sheepdog

The only native dog breed of Iceland is a charmingly friendly and faithful dog. The breed’s “spitziness” is expressed by a dense coat, foxy face, pointed ears, and a bushy tail. This dog breed can be noisy but rarely bares its teeth, even to strangers.

These affectionate dogs like to be at the heart of family life and make very loyal companions. Consequently, they’re good with children. Since they reach just 18 inches at the shoulder, they’re small enough to not pose a hazard around young kids.


Young girl hugging Poodle on a park bench

The playful, affectionate, and intelligent nature of Poodles make them a perfect companion for your children. These dogs tend to bond strongly with their families. They look so cute that it is nearly impossible for them to intimidate anyone (even young children).

Poodles are eager, athletic, and wickedly smart “real dogs” of remarkable versatility. Their greater size and strength makes them the best all-around athlete of the family. Poodles come in varying sizes so you can choose the one that best suits your living conditions. These dogs are exceptional jumpers, so be careful with your yard fencing.


Bulldog being hugged by a child in a field

This thick-set, muscled dog breed is a kind and courageous companion for your family. These dogs tend to adapt well to town or country. Bulldogs enjoy brisk walks and need regular exercise, along with a careful diet.

These canines are not a threat to small children because they only do something when they feel like it. If your child bothers it, the Bulldog will just leave the room. Bulldogs can weigh up to 50 pounds but that does not stop them from trying to curl up in your lap.

The small snout of this dog breed can cause breathing problems in hot weather. Therefore, it is recommended to keep them in a cooler, air-conditioned environment.

Labrador Retriever   

Labrador Retriever laying with toddler girl on dirt path

Labs are famous for being companionable housemates. They bond well with their family and get along nicely with the children. This dog is so adorable that it glows with kindliness.

However, you should never mistake its looks for an easygoing personality. Labrador is an extremely energetic breed that requires a lot of exercise. They have the energy that easily rivals children’s endless desire to run around the house.

You just can’t leave this breed in the backyard every day with one little walk around the block. Lack of exercise and physical inactivity can lead to destructive chewing that is never a good sign in any household.


Irrespective of their age, kids can become rough while playing with their pets. For this reason, you might want to bring home a very tolerant dog. It doesn’t matter how tame your canine is towards children, you MUST teach your kids to behave nicely with pets. Even the cutest, most docile dog may get aggressive if he/she feels attacked.

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