Dog Years to Human Years Calculator

Person lighting candle on dog's birthday cake

The general rule of thumb is that a dog is 7 human years for each year that they live. But that’s not entirely true, because smaller dogs live longer than bigger breeds and dogs go through their maturation process differently than humans.

This dog years to human years calculator takes into account both maturity and breed size to give you a more accurate idea of how old your dog is in human years at any given time in their life.

Select the breed size and actual age of your dog in the calculator below to find out the approximate human years of your dog.

Dog Years to Human Years – Video

If this seems confusing because it’s not the typical “every dog year = 7 human year” way of thinking about it, then you might want to watch this video.

YouTube video

Part of the reason that the typical thinking isn’t accurate is because dogs develop at a different rate than human years.

Here’s a chart to give you an idea of how that works.

Dog Years to Human Years Chart

The Real Deal on Dog Years to Human Years

The popular line of thinking is that a dog is about 7 years old in human years for every dog year they’ve lived. It’s not a terrible guideline, but there are more accurate ways to measure that include how dogs develop and breed size.

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