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11 Dog Breeds that Begin with N

Neapolitan Mastiff standing in a grass field

Neapolitan Mastiff

This giant breed was originally developed in Italy as a guard dog. These fearless canines are always ready to protect their family from an intruder. The optimal exercise needs of Neapolitan Mastiffs make them suitable for apartments and families with small living areas.

These dogs have a great love for their people and love to play with kids. However, they are NOT suitable for those families that have a great number of visitors. This is because they avoid getting mixed with strangers and can show aggression.


Close up portrait of a Newfoundland dog

This breed from Canada was initially bred as a working dog. Newfoundlands (often called Newfs or Newfies) are intelligent, noble, and very loyal. Although they are excellent working dogs, these pups have also established a name for themselves as family pets.

The easy-going nature of Newfoundlands makes them suitable for apartment life. Likewise, they are quite convenient to train even for novice owners.

Norfolk Terrier

Norfolk Terrier outdoors with fron paws on porch railling

This dog breed originated from Britain and was initially developed for hunting rats. Norfolk Terriers come in two different variants (based on the shape of their ears): upright and folded. They are very intelligent, affectionate, and calm companions who love to be in your company.

Many owners admire this breed and like to adopt them due to their portability and permanent puppy-like appearance. Norfolk Terriers love their families and make a strong bond with the children. They are suitable for people living in apartments and small houses because this breed requires less exercise.

Northern Inuit Dog

Northern Inuit Dog standing on rocky ledge in forest

This dog comes from the United Kingdom and is a hybrid of Husky, Malamute, and German Shepherd. Northern Inuit Dogs are generally very calm, friendly, and loving. Intelligence is another significant attribute that makes this dog even more attractive.

Due to their natural looks, these canines are also known as ‘wolfdogs’. However, they have no wolf breed in their ancestry and are much more gentle than wolves. These dogs are very active and need plenty of exercise to burn off their abundant supply of energy. Therefore, a Northern Inuit is a great addition to any family that likes physical activities.

Norwegian Buhund (Norwegian Sheepdog)

Norwegian Buhund standing outside in nature

This easy-to-train dog was developed as a working dog. They are closely related to the Jamthund and the Icelandic Sheepdog. Norwegian Buhunds are intelligent and independent dogs that love to seek the attention of their people. They are very affectionate towards children and make a loyal bond with their master.

This breed is sporty and has high exercise needs. A house with a yard will be the right choice for these dogs, who love to be a part of competitions and contests. Therefore, the owner should also be young enough to match the expectations of his/her pet.

Norwegian Elkhound

Norwegian Elkhound relaxing in grass covered sand

This breed was bred as an all-purpose dog and it has served as a guardian, herder, hunter, and defender. Norwegian Elkhound is also the National Dog of Norway and attracts a lot of attention due to its looks. Although these pups are quite energetic and independent, they can be trained to be with a family. However, they don’t like to get mixed with strangers.

Norwegian Elkhounds are NOT suitable for apartment life because they have high exercise needs. Likewise, they can also be a source of tiredness for inactive families.

Norwegian Lundehund

Norwegian Lundehund standing in forest

This very rare dog has six toes on every paw, and it was developed for hunting puffins. These loyal and loving canines make a strong bond with their owners but are wary of strangers. Norwegian Lundehunds are not recommended for newbies because they need to be trained well.

These dogs are extremely energetic and quick and will require a lot of exercise. They love to play in yards and can be stubborn if not provided with sufficient space. A family with youngsters is ideal to match the energy of this breed.

Norwich Terrier

Norwich Terrier in nature

These dogs were initially designed, in Britain, to control the rodent population. Although they are small, Norwich Terriers are courageous enough to hunt vermins. They are affectionate, energetic, intelligent, and sensitive pups who love to be with their families and are very protective.

Norwich Terriers are extremely loyal to their masters and enjoy playing with kids. They are suitable for apartment living people because of their limited exercise needs. However, their high tendency to bark can be an issue for your neighbors.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever standing in grass field with trees in backgound

This breed hails from Canada and was bred as a hunting dog. These retrievers were originally called “Little River Duck Dogs” because they have a great love for the water. Nova Scotia Retrievers are very sporty and enjoy taking part in contests and competitions.

These dogs love their families and are very fond of playing with kids. Although they are extremely loyal to their owners, Nova Scotias need a lot of exercise to stay content. If you can provide them with ample physical activity and mental stimulation, they are an amazing addition to the family.

New Guinea Singing Dog

close up portrait of a New Guinea Singing Dog

This unique dog breed is a bit shy and avoids human contact. They were developed as hunting dogs and are closely related to the Australian Dingo. They tend to howl in a unique way that differentiates them from other breeds. This howl is what earned this breed the title of the ‘singing dog’.

Norrbottenspets (Nordic Spitz)

Norrbottenspets  sitting in grass field with hill and trees in background

This Swedish breed was initially developed for hunting purposes. However, these loyal and calm dogs can also be a good companion at home. Norrbottenspets are very intelligent and protective canines that love to play with kids. This is the reason why pet lovers prefer them to include them in their family.

However, they do require proper training for safe and productive human interaction. Therefore, they are ONLY recommended for an owner with sound experience. Likewise, they do require a yard (and a lot of exercise) to fulfill their energy needs.

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