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18 Dog Breeds that Begin with F

Field Spaniel

Field Spaniel outside in a field of grass

This spaniel type dog breed originated in England in mid of the 19th century. These canines were initially created for rescue or retrieving purposes, but they have also done well in the hunting business. In addition to that, Field Spaniels have also been good companions because of their loving and loyal nature. They are particularly gentle with children.


This small-sized crossbreed combines the affectionate behavior of a Poodle with the energetic nature of a Toy Fox Terrier. Foodles are very intelligent and can be trained quite easily. This is the reason why they can become a great companion for all kinds of families.  

Fila Brasileiro

Fila Brasileiro standing on the shore of a body of water

This large Mastiff breed was developed in Brazil as a working breed. Fila Brasileiros have an excellent tracing ability and are known for their aggressiveness and ruthless nature. Previously, they were ONLY used for protection, hunting, and retrieving (of livestock). However, a Fila can be a good companion for an experienced owner in today’s world.

Finnish Hound

Finnish Hound standing on a gravel road being led by a leash

This medium-sized dog comes from Finland and was originally bred for the hunting of rabbits and foxes. Finnish Hounds are quite attractive, intelligent, and athletic. Despite these qualities, they can be hard to train because of their independent nature. They are generally considered good companions as long as their exercise needs are being fulfilled.

Finnish Lapphund

Close up portrait of a Finnish Lapphund in nature

The Finnish Lapphund is one of the most popular breeds in Finland. These middle-sized pups were originally developed for herding reindeer. Although they are still used for this purpose, their excellent herding skills are also utilized for managing more familiar types of livestock, like cattle. Finnish Lapphunds are quite friendly and gentle, and they would love to be a part of other dog jobs.

Finnish Spitz

Finnish Spitz in nature

This breed also comes from Finland and was initially used for hunting purposes. The Finnish Spitz was involved in hunting all types of games, including squirrels, rodents, or even bears. In contrast to that, they are now considered great companions for humans because of their loyal and fun-loving nature. These sensitive dogs require special attention because they are known as talkative buddies.

Flat-Coated Retriever

Flat-Coated Retriever outside standing on a dirt trail surrounded by grass

This gundog breed comes from England and was initially created as a retriever. Flat-Coated Retrievers are famous for being equally efficient in water as well as on land. Nowadays, they are also the perfect family canines because of their active, loyal, and friendly nature. However, the training of these pups may be challenging because of their high exercise needs.

Fourche Terrier

This designer crossbreed (Yorkshire Terrier and West Highland White Terrier)is quite famous in the United States of America. They are considered ideal family dogs because of their dynamic personality, loyalty, and ability to please.

Fourche Terriers also get along well with children and other pets. These pups can also be used as watchdogs because of their protective behavior towards their loved ones.

Fox Terrier

Fox Terrier playing in shallow water

This two-typed (the Smooth Fox and Wire Fox) terrier dog breed originated in England in the 19th century. These canines were created to bring foxes out of hiding while hunting. Nowadays, they are mostly seen as family companions or show dogs.


This hybrid breed inherits the intelligence from Poodle and the English Foxhound. They love to gel with humans because they always want attention. Foxhoodles are quite easy to train and make a great bond with the children. For these reasons, these pooches are mostly used as pets.

French Brittany

French Brittany standing in grass field

This French breed is a little different from the American Brittany because of its hunting skills and energetic personality. These active dogs love to exercise and enjoy the outdoor game more than indoor activities. They require daily walks and are very strong in cold conditions.  


This intelligent breed was developed by crossbreeding a Boston Terrier with a Toy Fox Terrier. Foxtons always enjoy discovering new things and are known for the hunting of small animals. These pups have an extremely social personality and are particularly affectionate towards kids. Other than being a successful family companion, a Foxton can also be used as a guard dog.

French Bulldog

French Bulldog portrait- head shot

This small dog was originally bred in England but was transferred to France in the 1800s. French Bulldogs make amazing companion dogs because of their size and fun-loving nature. They can also be used as watchdogs because of their protective behavior for family and home.


This mixed breed was created by mixing French Bulldog and Beagle. These small canines are very charming, loving, and strong. This designer dog is known for its socialization and makes an ideal family pet. Their behavior with children and other pets is another massive reason for their popularity.

French Bullhuahua

French Bullhuahua laying outside in grass

The designer breed is made by combining a Chihuahua with a French Bulldog. French Bullhuahuas are fun-loving, energetic, and loyal. Although they can be a little stubborn, this problem can be easily resolved by proper training. These pups love to stay indoors which makes them ideal for inactive families.

Frenchie Staff

This sturdy crossbreed of dog comes from the American Staffordshire Terrier and the French Bulldog. Frenchie Staffs are playful, gentle, and quite loving by nature. Likewise, they are very powerful, just like their parent breeds. These pups adore human companionship and can gel with adults as well as kids.

French Spaniel

French Spaniel running in grass field

This purebred dog was created in Canada and France. These spaniels have an active personality and were very well known for their hunting abilities. French Spaniels are easily trainable because they are intelligent, gentle, and friendly. These medium-sized canines love outdoor games because of their active personality. Therefore, they are an ideal companion for those who love physical activities, like running,.


Frenchton playing in water at the beach

This hybrid breed was developed from Boston Terrier and French Bulldog. These small canines have a friendly and sweet nature and love to play with children. In terms of training, some Frechtons can be a little hard to train because of their independent and stubborn nature.

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