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Are Mini Poodles Hard to Potty Train?

Brown mini poodle laying on grey carpet in front of a grey chair

No, they are not. Poodles are one of the most intelligent dogs and respond quite well to training. Potty training is often the first thing that owners would want to teach their pup. Miniature poodles are clever companions that will just require some patience and consistency to adopt this habit. Keep reading to learn how you can potty train mini poodles (and how long will it take).

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How Often Do Mini Poodles Poop?

Mini poodles should poop at least once a day. The exact number of visits (to the bathroom) can be anywhere between 1 and 5 as it is dependent on several factors. Just make sure that the stools are solid and don’t contain any blood.

Dogs are a creature of routine and will stick to their schedule in all aspects of life. This means that they will eat, sleep, and poop at the same time every day. Hence, you need to make their timetable and follow it strictly to avoid unwanted accidents. It will also help you to potty train your dog because you will be prepared.

How Long Does it Take to Potty Train Mini Poodles?

Puppy pee pad on hard wood floors

Most owners will need 4-8 weeks to potty train their pups. However, a slight variation can be observed based on your experience level and the breed you adopted. Poodles are known to be a little stubborn so they might take some extra time, especially with new owners. If it happens, you shouldn’t panic and keep following the process. Your dog will soon understand the training and learn to behave properly.

How to Potty Train Mini Poodles?

Adopted a new poodle puppy and worried about housetraining your little friend? Don’t panic as you need to enjoy the process to make it quick and successful. Read on to get detailed instructions about potty training mini poodles.

Develop a Feeding Routine

poodle sitting up to a table in a chair with a plate of kibble, a fork and a knife.

Make a timetable for your mini poodle and feed him/her at the same time. Similarly, take him/her out at the same time (possibly after every meal). It will allow you to control the timing of your dog’s poop. This is because poodles can recognize patterns and will set themselves accordingly. This routine will make the training a lot easier because you will be able to predict when your canine friend needs to go.

Observe Your Poodle

In the beginning, the routine of your pooch won’t be set and you need to supervise them. It will allow you to take them outside before an accident could happen. Poodles give away certain signs to show that they need to poop. For example, walking in circles and sniffing the ground are the most common ones.

Take Your Dog Outside

small tan poodle sitting in grass

You will need to guide your dog outside every 2-3 hours unless a routine is set. It will allow your mini poodle to defecate if he/she needs to. If not, you should take them back immediately and re-schedule the trip to the toilet after 30 minutes. This practice must be repeated for a few days so that a pattern could be established.

Choose the Area

It’s very important to ensure that your pooch is pooping at the same spot. Otherwise, he/she will become confused and the training will not give the desired results. You need to finalize the area for your poodle’s toilet and let them choose the spot where they are comfortable. This will help the poodle to learn faster and follow the rule.   

Appreciate the Good Work

mini poodle laying on a large, flat stone with trees and grass in the background

Positive reinforcement is one of the most effective strategies to train a dog. Therefore, you must praise your mini poodle when he/she poops at the designated spot. You can also offer a treat as a reward. It will quicken the learning process because your pup will have a motivation to repeat the behavior.

Tips to Potty Train Mini Poodles

Owners try as hard as possible to potty train mini poodles. Other than the basic training steps, some additional tips can prove quite handy. Some of these guidelines are discussed below.

Use a Verbal Cue

small white poodle sitting on a girls lap

Dogs can learn things quicker when they can associate sounds with actions. However, you should have a unique word for each instruction to avoid any confusion. Therefore, all the family members must use the same cue for housebreaking to help your mini poodle. You should use a short phrase and it must be something that can be said in public.  

Use a Dog Crate

Put your canine friend in his/her crate before going to bed at night. Dogs don’t like to eliminate their dens and will hold the urge until they are taken outside. This will strengthen their muscles and increase their limit to hold. You can use the crate when you are expecting long hours at work.

Give Your Poodle Sufficient Time

Small red alarm clock sitting on a wood table with a teal wall in the background

Some dogs eliminate as soon as they reach the spot while others can take a few minutes to poop. Hence, you should wait for a few minutes before bringing your pup back inside. It could lead to an accident because your mini poodle can be ready to eliminate when you brought him/her back.

Clean Accidents Properly

Accidents can be minimized but they will happen, especially during the training days. Therefore, it’s imperative to clean them thoroughly to avoid any confusion in your pooch’s mind. You will need enzymatic cleaners because canines have a very powerful sense of smell. They will be able to smell something fishy even if everything looks clean.

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