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Do Poodles Smell Bad?

Man holding his nose as to say something stinks

The one-word answer to this question would be a NO. Poodles don’t have the nasty doggy smell that is associated with some other breeds. However, they can develop some foul-smelling odors if they have an infection or any other underlying problem. For example, the accumulation of fluid in the anal glands can make your Poodle smell bad. Keep reading to know why poodles can smell bad and learn how you can minimize these odors.

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Why Do Poodles Smell Bad?

Several reasons could be responsible for the foul smell of your poodle. Some of the most common ones among them are discussed below.


Dogs can suffer from many different infections and quite a lot of them will make your pup smelly. Many owners think that only skin infections are responsible for this odor, but that’s not true. Infections in the ears, eyes, and paws can also produce a nasty odor.

Poodle with a skin infection on its chest

Skin Infections – The use of inappropriate products (like shampoo and conditioner) on your poodle’s coat and excessive bathing are the biggest contributors. However, skin infections can also develop if your dog stays damp for too long. Therefore, it’s critical to dry your canine friend completely after a bath.   

Ear Infection – Poodles are vulnerable to these infections because of their floppy ears and long hair. If the hair in the ears are allowed to grow too long, they will start causing problems. They will make it difficult to cure the infection and the ailment can return again and again.

Eye Infection – This problem is also caused when the hair of your poodle are not maintained properly. They will start irritating the eyes that will eventually result in an infection. It is easier to manage these infections because cutting the hair will solve the problem in most cases.

Paw Infection – The paws of your dog are prone to getting things (like dirt and debris) stuck in them. Hence, if you don’t clean the toes of your dog, an infection is always on the cards. You should also keep the hair short to minimize the chances of gathering unwanted debris in the paws.  

Inefficient Baths

white poodle getting a bath

If your poodle continues to smell after a bath, you are not alone. Many owners share this problem because it is not easy to clean poodles. Rinsing them with water is usually not enough because of their extra-thick and water-resistant coat.

You must ensure that the water reaches the skin and washes away the body oils. If these oils are not cleaned properly, they can produce a disturbing odor. Therefore, you should lather your pooch well to get the true benefits of bathing.     

Smelly Mouth

Small poodle with a toothbrush in its mouth

Any food particle or foreign object that is stuck in the mouth of your poodle can produce a bad smell. Similarly, an infection in the gum and tooth decay will also make your pup smell. These conditions are usually accompanied by a lot of pain and will require immediate veterinary attention.

Poop in the Fur

It is important to trim the hair around your dog’s rear to keep him/her clean. When the hair around the butt become too long, the stool of your poodle can get stuck in the fur. In addition to the bad smell, it can also cause matting and may lead to an obstruction in extreme cases. Therefore, regular trimming of fur around your dog’s rear end is crucial.   

Problematic Anal Glands  

person expressing a dogs anal glands

Dogs have a pair of anal glands that must be expressed when they defecate. If it doesn’t happen for any reason (like inflammation), these glands keep accumulating a smelly fluid. When they will become too full, these glands may rupture and your poodle will start to smell. It will also make your dog vulnerable to infections.


It is quite obvious that flatulence will make poodles smell bad. Whether they are silent or loud, you will notice the nasty smell. Dogs release carbon dioxide, methane, and hydrogen sulfide in their flatulence. Hydrogen sulfide is the main culprit because it has a very nasty smell. Eating a poor-quality diet or munching too fast can increase the frequency of flatulence in canines.   

Tips to Keep Poodles Smelling Fresh

small apricot poodle laying on hardwood floors

Poodles don’t smell bad like some other breeds because they are hypoallergenic and have less dander. However, they can develop some offensive odors if proper hygiene is not ensured. The following are some ways to make sure that your poodle smells nice. 

Visit the Vet

If you are unsure about the cause of the smell, this is your best bet. The vet will examine your pooch to identify the underlying infection. Infections in the ear and eyes usually go away on their own if you trim the hair around these parts. In case of a skin or paw infection, your veterinarian may prescribe a topical or oral medication.

Make the Bath Count

Red poodle wrapped in a pink towel

Use a high-quality dog shampoo and bath your poodle at least once a month to keep him/her fresh. Make sure to scrub your pup well so that the water could reach the skin. There is no point in bathing your dog if the oils from his/her skin are not washed away.

Ensure Good Oral Health

You must brush the teeth of your dog to keep them clean and healthy. According to All Poodle Info, the teeth of a dog must be brushed at least 3 times a week. Similarly, you should schedule regular vet visits for professional cleaning if your dog has a history of gum infections and tooth decay.

Make Sure that Your Dog is Clean After Pooping

Poodle sitting on an indoor dog potty next to poop

Poodles have a thick coat that must be kept trimmed around the rear end. This will minimize the chances of poop getting stuck in your dog’s fur. However, trimming is not always enough to mitigate this problem. You should make it a habit to check your poodle every time he/she goes to the toilet. If you find any signs of stool, clean it immediately with a canine wipe. 

Feed a High-Quality Diet

It will help the owners to control the issue of flatulence in their canines. Your pooch should also drink sufficient water every day to reduce the amount of gas. You can also save a lot of money on veterinary bills by using high-quality products. 

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