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Are Standard Poodles Cuddlers?

2 small boys hugging a brown poodle

Poodles are affectionate dogs and all three types of this breed will indulge in cuddling. Although most standard poodles cuddle less than miniature and toy poodles, they love the company of their family. Toy poodles tend to cuddle more because they are small and were developed as lapdogs while standard poodles were working dogs. Keep reading to know why dogs love cuddling and how you can make standard poodles cuddlers.

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Why Standard Poodles Enjoy Cuddling?

The following are some reasons why canines love to cuddle with their owners.

Sign of Affection

Dogs love to live in packs and want to make a strong bond with their family. Cuddling is an excellent way to build a strong bond and show appreciation towards each other. It also allows the dogs to express their affection and feelings for their owners.   

Provides Warmth

2 standard poodles wearing sweaters standing in snow

Standard poodles have a long history of cuddling with each other to stay warm during cold months. Back in their working days, they have to rely on this natural method to counter the cold climatic conditions. They still have that in their system and cuddle with their human companions for warmth. Similarly, it is always nice to have your canine friend beside you and enjoy their body heat.

Helps to Protect the Family

It is natural for canines to look after their pack, and they continue to do so even as pets. Standard poodles have been very popular working dogs where they would accompany humans on their ventures. Hence, they would like to make sure that everyone’s around before going to bed. Once everything’s fine, they would find their favorite person and cuddle with him/her. After all, what’s more comforting than a cuddle?  

Why is My Standard Poodle Not Cuddling?

Black standard poodle laying in grass

Poodles are affectionate dogs that don’t need a second invitation for cuddling. However, some pups are not very cuddly and may refuse to come too close. Some of the reasons that can be responsible for this behavior are as follows.

Less Cuddly Nature

Some pups are just not fond of cuddling even if they are equally affectionate. This is where owners need to understand the temperament and preferences of their dogs. Forcing a dog into any behavior is never recommended because it will cause more harm than good. If your standard poodle is behaving fine in his/her daily routine, everything’s fine and you shouldn’t worry.

Moody Personality

Close up portrait of a tan standard poodle outdoors

Some pups cuddle when they want and ignore the invitation at other times. This behavior is very common among standard poodles because they have independent personalities. Some members of this breed can be a little stubborn as well. Therefore, if your dog cuddles sometimes and moves away on other occasions, you own a moody poodle.

Most dogs are fond of cuddling when they are young. However, their personalities can experience some changes as they grow old. The habit of not liking cuddles is one of them as it is observed in some adult standard poodles. The size of this breed is also on the large side and it won’t be as convenient to cuddle it as a smaller pup.

Lack of Cuddling During Early Years

Standard poodle puppy outdoor

If a dog is not cuddled in puppyhood, it’s quite likely that he/she won’t approve of this behavior in adulthood. This is because they are not familiar with this way of showing affection and won’t feel comfortable. Likewise, if your dog has an emotional issue (which is common with rescue dogs), he/she may not like to cuddle.      

How to Make Standard Poodles Cuddlers?

Some owners are very fond of cuddling and want their pups to show affection to them. If you are one of those individuals and your standard poodle is not cuddling, we have some good news for you. You can’t force a dog to be cuddly, but canines can be encouraged to indulge in this behavior. Let’s see how it can be done.

Increase Physical Contact

Poodle puppy being held over a woman's shoulder

Some canines are naturally not interested in physical touch and you will have to accustom them. Hence, you should start by gently stroking or petting them. Similarly, you can schedule grooming sessions and brush their hair and coat.

This will make them comfortable, and they will allow increased physical contact after a few weeks. When you have that feeling, you can try a cuddle or two and see how they react.

Be Patient

Poodle laying on hardwood floor with an older couple watching in the background

You should never cuddle with your dog unless he/she is interested. This is because forcing a poodle will make them resent the behavior even more. If you try to cuddle your pooch and he/she pulls away, don’t make another attempt. This will save them from the discomfort of refusing you again and again.

Instead, you should appreciate them verbally so that your bond could be strengthened. Keep repeating that and a time may come when your pooch will become comfortable with cuddles. This natural process is more likely to achieve the desired result than forcing the behavior.

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