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Can You Train a Toy Poodle to Use a Litter Box?

Blue litter box full of kitty litter with a scoop resting on top

Why Should Cats Have it Easy?

Cats have a very good life. They get pampered, eat nice food and they are not sent outside to answer nature’s call. While dogs get pampered sometimes and they get good food especially if they have those soft puppy dog eyes no one can resist.

But they are always trained to go outside and do their duty inside the house. However, there may be some relief for dogs, and it may be possible to train them to go in your cat’s litter box. This may not make the cat very happy, but it may help your puppy be more relaxed.

To find out if this is a possibility or not, just continue reading our article.

Is it Possible to Train Your Toy Poodle to Use a Litter Box?

Litter box on hardwood floors with a scoop in the top

Yes, it is possible to train your toy poodle to use a litter box, and some owners have had great success with different toy poodles when they tried this trick. Going outside may be daunting and overwhelming to your small dog and getting them to go inside in a special place may help relax them and keep them calm.

One of the benefits of training them to use a litter box is that you can go out, enjoy your evening, and not have to worry about seeing any messes in the house. Your dog will go right for the litter box and do their duty there and not on your carpets.

The good thing about using a litter box is that it is about right for a 6 to 8-pound dog. Your pet should be comfortable inside and have lots of room to maneuver. The key will be to keep the litter box clean so that your little friend will always have a fresh area to go in.

Tips to Help You Train Your Toy Poodle

A black, apricot, and white toy poodle sitting side by side

There are always little tricks of the trade, so to speak, to get your toy poodle nice and trained. Here are a few of them to get you on the right track:

1. Use Your Laundry Room if You Have One– It is a small room giving your poodle few options other than the litter box to use.

2. Use A Command to Help– One-word commands are great to get your pet to use the litter box. Use the word and point to the center of the box to make sure your pet understands where they are to go.

3. Don’t Place the Litter Box Near Their Bed– Poodles and other dogs do not like going to the bathroom near their beds. Place the bed well away from the box so your pet will feel comfortable using it.

4. If Your Puppy is Young, Block Escape Routes– It is okay to let them roam in the laundry room but block their access to other rooms as puppies do not have strong bladders and they should not be too far from the litter box. Give them some room to roam in the room so they can exercise and move about freely.

Liquid pooled on a hardwood floor

5. When Your Pup Makes a Mistake– This will happen from time to time, and you cannot let the pee smell linger. If you do, your poodle may get the idea that is the spot they should use as their bathroom. Here are some steps to take when a mistake is made:

  • Wipe up the pee as quickly as possible, use paper towels
  • Pour a good amount of club soda on the mistake area
  • Work the club soda into the pee spot
  • Wipe up as much of the club soda as possible
  • Use a good pet product made to help clean up indoor mistakes
  • Wipe the surface again to get rid of excess moisture
  • Let the product sit for 5 minutes
  • Wipe up the remaining product
  • Keep your dog away from the area until it is dry

The key to this process is to kill the smell so that the puppy will not find that spot again and use it the next time. It may take a few weeks of training to get the puppy used to using the litter box, but it works well worth the effort.

You can relax when you go out and leave your dog home alone.

Some Final Words

empty, grey litter box on a hardwood floor with a blue scoop laying in the bottom

Training takes time whether it is using a litter box or taking your toy poodle outside. You have to be patient during this time and do not get too upset when they make a mistake.

Make sure to praise and reward your toy poodle when they do this process right.

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