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25 Dog Breeds that Begin with K


Keeshond standing on a lake shore

Also known as the ‘Dutch Barge Dog’, this breed was developed in Holland as a watchdog. Their loud and stern bark helps them to keep the thieves away. However, their excessive barking can be problematic if you live in an apartment.

Kerry Blue Terrier

Kerry Blue Terrier standing under a tree at the edge of a body of water

These dogs originated from Southwest Ireland and were bred as farm dogs. Kerry Blue Terriers are brave and extremely protective of their owners. This makes them an ideal choice to serve as guard dogs.


Kuvasz laying on a grassy hill

This Hungarian breed is pronounced as Koo-vazz and was originally developed as a guard dog around livestock. Nowadays, they are considered excellent companions because of their patient, loyal, and protective nature. A Kuvasz has a sensitive nature and it can’t tolerate loneliness.


Komondor laying in grass yard

This breed also comes from Hungary and was developed to guard flocks of sheep. This is the reason why Komondors are also known as the Hungarian sheepdogs. They proved to be an excellent pet choice because of their calm and quiet temperament. However, they can become very furious if they sense danger.

King Shepherd

This breed came into being by the crossbreeding of German Shepherds and Shiloh Shepherds, in the United States. Although they are very protective and loyal, these canines are not suitable for people with small houses. This is because they have high energy needs and need a lot of space to run around.

Kangal Shepherd Dog

Kangal Shepherd Dog laying on grass covered hill

This breed was originally bred in Turkey for protecting herds of sheep. These dogs are named after their native town, Kangal. They are intelligent, gentle, and very affectionate, especially with children. Thanks to their protective nature and sound reflexes, they have proved themselves to be excellent guardians of their families.

Korean Jindo

Korean Jindo standing on rocky hill

This dog was bred for hunting and has some sharp skills to meet the purpose. Korean Jindos love to be with their owners and are remarkably loyal and affectionate pets. These dogs are very intelligent and are ONLY suitable for experienced owners due to their independent nature.

Karelian Bear Dog

Karelian Bear Dog standing in tall grass and wild flowers

The most popular breed, Karjalankarhukoira, in Finland was bred as a hunting dog. These pups have some amazing skills because they have dealt with large species, like bears, boars, and elk. They are loyal, courageous, intelligent, and can be calm if you can fulfill their exercise needs.


Kishu standing on tiled pavement

This breed is of Japanese origin and was developed for hunting purposes in mountainous areas. This dog is now a popular pet in Japan due to its loyalty. Kishus need some training to be deployed as pets. Therefore, they are NOT suitable recommended for novice owners.

Kerry Beagle

This Irish dog is very energetic, quick, and gentle. Kerry Beagles love social interactions and are very fond of family life. However, they are NOT suitable for families that are living in small apartments.


Koolie laying in tall grass

This Australian breed was known as a herding dog in ancient times. The popular choice of homeland is very intelligent and gentle. Koolies love to be with humans and are very affectionate with their people. They make a close bond with family, including other pets.


Kromfohrlander in natural outdoor setting

This breed was developed in Germany just after World War II. They were bred as humble and loving companions and Kromfohrlanders have lived up to the expectations. These pooches have an easy-going nature that makes them fit for every household. 


This breed is of Indian background and is well known for its loyalty, intelligence, and calm temperament. Kukkals are an excellent companion dog and are affectionate with children. Despite their active nature, they are also comfortable in small apartments.

Karst Shepherd

Karst Shepherd standing in tall grass and weeds

This dog from Slovenia was developed for guarding farms and herds. They have an exceptional tendency to walk for hours. Therefore, Karsht Shepherds exhibit high exercise needs and can act as efficient watchdogs and guard dogs.


Kyi-Leo sitting in field of yellow flowers

The Kyi-Leo came into existence as a result of an accidental crossbreeding between the Maltese and Lhasa Apso.  Also called the Maltese Lion Dogs, these pups are naturally social, alert, and friendly. They are equally compatible with families living with or without yards.

Kai Ken

close up of Kai Ken in snow

This striped breed from Japan is often nicknamed as the Tiger Dog. Kai Kens are loyal and affectionate, but they can develop negative behavior if their exercise needs are not fulfilled. They are not suitable for new dog parents because they are difficult to train.


close up head shot of a Kanni

As the name suggests, this breed from India is blessed with a pure heart and is a very loyal creature. Kannis are active and athletic dogs that are particularly suitable for active youngsters. They have a never-ending supply of energy and need a backyard to burn it.


This independent and intelligent breed was developed in Pennsylvania as a working dog. It enjoys the nickname of ‘Wolf-dog’ and can be quite aggressive if proper training is NOT given. Although they make good pets, Kugshas don’t prefer to stay alone for a long time.


Karakachan walking on a dirt path

This breed of Bulgarian origin was traditionally used to protect livestock. Karakachans are affectionate and make a strong bond with their owners. They have a cautious temperament and can attack or bark when introduced to new people.


Kintamani standing in front of decorative fence

Kintamanis were originally developed in Indonesia as guard dogs. They have exceptional swimming skills and can become very aggressive if they find any intuition. The loving breed develops a caring bond with its owner.


Kooikerhondje in a natural setting outdoors

This spaniel dog was originally bred for hunting purposes. These pooches are very agile and have some impressive sporty skills. They are ideal workout partners for active people because Kooikerhondjes have intense exercise needs.


Kokoni standing in grass

The Greek breed was created as a domestic pet. They are fearless, alert, and have all the ingredients to be an exceptional watchdog. Pet lovers enjoy the company of this animal and always appreciate the lively nature of the breed.


This breed from England is a hybrid of  Cocker Spaniel and the Tibetian Terrier. They are very adorable and receive plenty of love and attention from the owners. Kobetans are loyal, attentive, and loves to be with humans.


closeup portrait of a Kombai

This breed was developed in India and is named after its native town Kombai, in Tamil Nadu. These canines were initially bred as hunting dogs,  but they have also done well as guard dogs and pets. Their overprotective nature can result in aggression and therefore, Kombais are not suitable for families with small children.


A mix of Cairn Terrier and the Bichon Frise that was developed to control pests on farms. Also known as Bairn, this is a clever and adaptable canine that can also adapt to apartment life.

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