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11 Dog Breeds that Begin with J


Jack-A-Poo standing in grass

This mixed breed was created by the crossbreeding of the Jack Russell Terrier and Poodle. Just like their parents, these canines are also used for hunting and tracking purposes. Jack-A-Poos come in small to medium size and looks quite attractive.

These pups are loving, energetic, and quite intelligent. They are easy to train and love to socialize with people, especially with kids. They are more comfortable indoors (either in apartments or houses) because of their small size and sensitive nature.


Jack-A-Bee standing in grass littered with leaves

This hybrid breed was developed by mixing a Jack Russell Terrier and a Beagle. Although the parent breeds are British, these pups were originated in the United States. Jack-A-Bees inherited some amazing traits, such as vigilance, sociability, kindness, liberation, and cuteness. Likewise, they are also very intelligent and loyal.

These medium-sized dogs are not only easy to train, but they also create a great bond with their families. In contrast to that, they can be a little bit dangerous for strangers. These cute-looking pups can adopt any kind of condition or lifestyle, depending upon their early training.


This hybrid breed was bred by combing a Jack Russell Terrier with a Pomeranian. This toy dog originated in the United States and is very popular in the country. These pooches are intelligent, lively, and very tenacious.

Jack-A-Ranians were initially created to be companions due to their fun-loving attitude and outstanding behavior with kids. However, they do require an experienced owner or trainer because of their stubborn nature.

Jack Chi

Jack Chi laying on red plaid blanket

This small crossbreed was the result of a cross between the Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua. Jack Chis were also developed in the United States. These friendly and fun-loving pups were created as excellent family pets because of their sweet demeanor.

Jack Chis always want to have fun with their owners. They love to play with the kids, but are not very comfortable around other pets, especially cats. These pups are completely suitable for apartment life because they are physically small and quiet by nature.

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier standing in sand at beach

This multi-sized dog breed is one of the most popular breeds in England. It was developed, around 200 years ago, for hunting foxes. Jack Russell Terriers are energetic, independent, and smart with a delightful appearance and friendly nature.

These loving dogs can gel quite well with older children and are easy to train. Likewise, they are not very difficult to manage and make an excellent option for beginners and apartment life.


Close up head portrait of a Jackshund

This designer breed was developed by mixing a Jack Russell Terrier with a Dachshund. These affectionate and humorous canines inherit some traits, like fearlessness and the ability to hunt and track.

Jackshunds have very impressive looks and they come in small to the medium size. They are considered a good choice for being a family pet because of their friendly nature.


Jagdterrier standing at the edge of a forest with leaf covered grass

This aggressive dog was bred in Germany as a working terrier. These canines were originally used for hunting foxes and raccoons. Likewise, they were also helpful in driving pigs and rabbits out of woods or tracking the injured dears. Jagdterriers are usually tenacious which can lead to some aggression and negative behavior.

Jagdterriers are known for their smartness and flexibility. This makes them a fine option as domestic pets. However, their stubborn nature and aggressive behavior make them difficult to train. Therefore, this breed is NOT recommended for inexperienced owners.


Jämthund running in grass

This Spitz-type dog breed was first found in the region of Northern Europe (Sweden). They were originally bred for hunting bears, wolves, and moose. Such a history clearly explains why these canines are extremely powerful and courageous. Jamthunds can also be used as military dogs.

Despite their undeniable power, they are incredibly calm with their loved ones. They are also quite gentle with children and make excellent family companions. The weather-proof double coat of Jamthunds helps them to survive in any type of climate conditions.

Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin standing in grass

This ancient dog breed of Asia originated in the Chinese and Japanese imperial courts. Almost 1000 years ago, Japanese Chins were valued companions for humans. They are quite sensitive especially for their surroundings and loved ones.

These gentle pups have all the features to become family pets. They are quick learners that respond very fast to the training. Likewise, Japanese Chins can easily adapt to apartment life and have a habit to stay alone for long hours.

Despite their calm nature, these pooches are NOT suitable for people with young children. This is because they can get hurt by an overenergetic kid.

Japanese Spitz

Japanese Spitz laying on hard wood floor

This small dog was originally bred in Japan (in 1921). Although they are small, Japanese Spitz can be used as family companions as well as watchdogs. These gorgeous looking pups are intelligent, easily trainable, and cost-friendly pets.

Japanese Spitz also shares a great bond with children because of their outstanding temperaments. They can do well in apartments if their exercise needs are being met.

Japanese Terrier

This small terrier breed was also originally developed in Japan. These tri-color canines can be used for guarding of personal property or as watchdogs. They are active, affectionate, and humorous.

Japanese Terriers can be trained with little effort because of their intelligence and good temperament with children. These pups are not very comfortable outdoors because they can neither tolerate cold nor hot weather.     

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