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Is a Miniature Poodle a Small or Medium Sized Dog?

Tiny red poodle on a furry blanket

The miniature poodle is a small-to-medium-sized dog that can grow up to 15 inches tall. A poodle must be taller than 10 inches to make this type and will usually weigh between 15 and 17 pounds. This delicate breed must not be left alone with kids and large dogs because it can get hurt. Likewise, these pups shouldn’t be left unsupervised in your backyard. Read on to learn more about miniature poodles and see if they are suitable for your family or not.

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Factors Affecting the Growth of a Miniature Poodle

The time of neutering your poodle and intestinal parasites can cause some variations in its adult size.

Intestinal Parasites – If a miniature poodle puppy is affected by intestinal parasites, he/she can be on the smaller side. This is because these parasites slow down the growth process and your pup will stay smaller.

Spaying – A poodle puppy is more likely to grow taller if he/she is neutered early. On the other hand, dogs that are spayed late will be smaller and heavier. They will develop more muscles and their chest become broad. This is caused by the hormonal effect that they will experience after becoming mature.   

Nutritional Requirements of a Miniature Poodle

Stainless steel dog food bowl half full of kibble on a slate colored background.

Miniature poodles must be fed high-quality dog food that could provide them with all the necessary nutrients. You can also come up with a homemade recipe for your pooch after consulting your vet. Just make sure that all the ingredients are safe for canines. Obesity can be an issue with this breed and it will lead to several other problems. Hence, a proper balance between calorie intake and consumption must be ensured. 

Exercise Requirements of a Miniature Poodle

Small, tan poodle running down a sandy road

Thanks to their working background, poodles have a lot of energy and will require plenty of physical activity. Swimming and walks are their favorite activities, but they won’t mind any kind of exercise. You can also schedule a session of fetch in your backyard. These water retrievers would love to retrieve a stick or ball for you.

Health Requirements of a Miniature Poodle

A white and a tan poodle sitting in grass with wildflowers

Poodles are prone to some genetic diseases and can require regular tests to keep an eye on them. For example, orthopedic problems, like luxating patellas and hip dysplasia, are common among miniature poodles. A balanced diet and regular exercise can help you to keep your pup fit and healthy. It is a much better approach to handle poodles than paying veterinary bills.

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