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Is a Standard Poodle a Large Breed?

Standard White Poodle playing outdoors with a Standard Red Poodle

Standard poodles are considered medium-to-large-sized dogs that can grow up to 24 inches and weigh between 45 and 70 pounds. According to AKC, a poodle must be taller than 15 inches to be included in this category. Otherwise, it will be regarded as a miniature poodle. Keep reading to know more details about how a standard poodle compares with a large breed.

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Does a Standard Poodle Need Large Breed Food?

Kibble spilled out onto a white surface

The nutritional requirements of standard poodles can be compared with large breeds in terms of protein content. According to Pet Paws Hub, the protein requirements of standard poodles are similar to any large breed. However, the number of carbohydrates (and calories) must be controlled because the metabolism of poodles is slower. Therefore, weight gain can be a serious concern if they are being fed the same diet.

For this reason, you should use dog foods that are designed for medium-to-large-sized breeds. They will give your standard poodle enough protein without offering too many calories. It’s recommended to go for high-quality products that contain chondroitin and glucosamine. These chemicals will keep the bones and joints of your dog healthy.

Does a Standard Poodle Need Large Breed Exercise?

Slate grey colored standard poodle running an agility course

Standard poodles have a lot of energy that must be burned to keep them happy and calm. Although they are not very demanding in terms of their exercise routine, you must ensure a daily walk. It will keep them fit and allow them to explore their surroundings (mental stimulation). If you have a backyard, you can let your pooch run around in it, and it should be enough.

Poodles have a historical association with water and tend to do well in dog sports. Therefore, you can also train them to participate in different competitions.   

Does a Standard Poodle Suffer From Large Breed Health Issues?

Ver checking a standard white poodle's teeth

Poodles are prone to the same orthopedic problems that are associated with large breeds. For example, hip dysplasia is quite common among these canines. Similarly, they suffer from other genetic diseases, like progressive retinal atrophy. It is a serious condition that will require immediate veterinary attention because it can lead to blindness.

Other than that, poodles are also vulnerable to ear infections and skin conditions (allergies and infections). Regular grooming and use of quality products (shampoo and conditioner) can minimize the occurrences of these problems. You should also consult your vet and figure out a balanced diet plan to prevent nutritional deficiencies.  

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