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Are Teacup Poodles Quiet?

Tiny, red poodle standing next to an apple tree in grass

No, they are not. Although they are very small, teacup poodles do bark when they want to communicate with their owners. Most of these pups will only bark for a reason and will behave nicely when everything’s fine. Keep reading to know more about these triggers and learn how to keep teacup poodles quiet.

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Do Teacup Poodles Bark a Lot?

Poodles are known as moderate barkers in the canine world. This means that they are less noisy than some of the other breeds. However, they will bark whenever they are not happy about something in their surroundings. For example, the presence of a stranger can make a teacup poodle uncomfortable. Similarly, long spells of loneliness and boredom can trigger them to indulge in excessive barking. If you can control these triggers, teacup poodles will stay calm and won’t bark a lot.   

Why Teacup Poodles Bark?

Poodles are very sensitive canines and each of their bark has a reason behind it. The following are some of the most significant causes that can make your teacup poodle bark.

Loud Noises

Dogs are extremely sensitive to loud noises and teacup poodles are no different. The sound of a thunderstorm or a noisy vehicle can startle them and they will start barking. It might be difficult to stop the barking unless you take your pup to a quiet place. Once you are in a calmer environment, it will be easier to control your dog.

Presence of Strangers

The site of unknown people and animals can make a teacup poodle very uncomfortable. They don’t like strangers to invade their space and will start barking. Socialization can play a significant role in overcoming this problem. When your pooch is comfortable in meeting new people, this sort of barking can be controlled.

Separation Anxiety

Teacup poodles need a lot of attention and time from their owners. They hate to stay alone and will start barking when it happens. It is their way of expressing displeasure and calling out to the owner.

Boredom or Excitement

Poodles are intelligent canines and will require regular mental stimulation to stay happy. If they don’t get it, they will become bored and may indulge in negative barking. They can also do it for fun because it makes them feel good. Similarly, your teacup poodle can bark in excitement upon seeing you or his/her favorite treat.

Footsteps from Passerbys

Any change in the environment of your poodle is enough to trigger them to bark. The sound of people walking by in the street can be one of these reasons. The basic purpose of this type of barking is to alert the owners about a potential threat. Poodles have an immense love for their family and won’t take any chances with their protection.

How to Train Teacup Poodles to Stay Quiet?

Poodles are intelligent dogs that can be trained easily to behave well. All you need is some patience and consistency and you can have a well-mannered pet. Some of the techniques that can be used to train teacup poodles to stop barking are as follows.  

Remove the Triggers

This should always be the first step when you notice your dog barking. Whether it’s a loud noise or a stranger, you must take your dog to a comfortable environment to calm him/her. You should also tell your pooch that everything’s fine and talk to them in a polite manner. You can also make a safe place for them inside the house. It will give them a space to ease the discomfort.

Ensure Early Socialization

It is a critical aspect of training any dog. Your pooch must be familiar with the surroundings to stay calm. Therefore, you must expose your canine friend to humans and other animals at an early age. It will help him/her to become friends with most of your friends and their pets. This will reduce the anxiety and your pup will be happy when you have guests.

Ignore Attention Barking

Some dogs bark instinctively to gain your attention. If that’s the case, you should ignore your teacup poodle completely because any kind of reaction will worsen the behavior. You shouldn’t even ask them to keep quiet as it can be misunderstood for positive attention. Hence, keep ignoring your dog unless he/she stops barking.

Once they do become quiet, you can offer them a treat. This will help them understand that barking will not do them any good. The reward will reinforce the good behavior, which is staying quiet in this case.

Teach the Quiet Command

This is an extremely useful command and you must train your poodle to follow it. Just like any other instruction, you need a verbal cue and when your dog obeys, he/she must be rewarded. You should start by choosing a unique word (like “quiet”) and wait for your pooch to stop barking. When it happens, reward them with a treat. Repeat this exercise for a few days and you should be good.

You may also want to teach the “speak” command alongside the quiet command. It will help you in training and can also be useful when you want your pooch to bark.   

Provide Regular Exercise and Mental Stimulation

Although teacup poodles don’t need a lot of exercise, you should give them an activity or two to burn their energy. It will prevent them from getting bored and they won’t indulge in attention barking. You can also invest in some interactive toys to keep them occupied while you are busy.

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