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How to Train Poodles in the House

White poodle laying down on woman's lap

A puppy is cute but once you bring him or her home, you realize that the hard work of owning a dog is about to begin. Puppies do not come pre-house trained, even intelligent breeds like poodles, and you often have to clean up accidents until your dog learns to go to the bathroom outside.

It is not hard to train a puppy and with the intelligent poodle, it should be an easier process. You just have to be kind, loving, and firm with your pet. Plus, you should implement some or all of the following steps.

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Steps to Train a Poodle

It takes a little patience to train a dog. Some animals are not quick learners and you may have to clean up a mess or two before they catch on. Here are some ways to help facilitate the training and make the process a little quicker:

1. Establish A Routine- Make sure to feed your poodle at the same time every day. This will help you recognize when your puppy needs to go outside and do their duty. Also, take them outside after their meal so the puppy gets the idea where its bathroom is.

2. Sniffing and Circling– When you see your poodle sniffing the floor and start to circle, you know that it is time to get them outside quickly. Try to supervise him or her as much as possible when you are home.

Brown poodle sitting in grass

3. Make Frequent Visits Outside– Give your puppy every chance to go outside. Take him or her out as often as you can so that they get the idea that they are to go outside and not inside.

4. Repetitive Behavior– When you go outside, take your pet to the same spot in your yard. This repetitive behavior helps your pet to understand this is the spot where they are to go when they need a bathroom.

5. Heap Praise on Your Puppy– Positive reinforcement is always a good training technique. Pet and praise your pup when they do their business in the correct spot. Or you can give them a nice treat afterwards.

Poodle in a dog crate

6. Crate Training– Some people may consider this inhumane treatment of a dog but keeping your pet in a crate overnight or when you are away helping teach them to hold it. Poodles do not like soiling their sleeping quarters, so a crate makes an excellent training tool.

7. Provide Opportunities – Before putting them in a crate, take your poodle outside for one last chance to go before they go to bed. Also, take them outside immediately after letting them out of their crate. This will help provide the right opportunities for your pet to learn where they go to the bathroom.

8. Stop Watering Your Dog– Like a child, your poodle puppy has a small bladder. To avoid accidents, do not let your pet drink any water up to two hours before bedtime. Just like you would a child when you want them to stop wetting their bed.

Tips for Training Your Poodle

Person training a brown poodle outdoors

To get off on the right foot, you need to form a very loving bond with your little pet. You should be developing this special relationship as soon as you get your new puppy home. After establishing that bond and trust, you can use the following tips to potty train your dog.

Tip #1: Be Consistent

Choose one method and stick with it until your dog is trained. The schedule should fit your lifestyle and schedule.

Tip #2: Choose the Designated Bathroom Area

This can be inside or outside and do not deviate from this spot. South Koreans pick the human bathroom to teach their pets. Trying to do both indoor and outdoor spots will confuse your puppy.

Tip #3: Make the Location Quick and Easy

Poodle peeing on a tree

In other words, pick a spot your puppy can get to right away. Do not have the spot a long distance as the puppy won’t make it.

Tip #4: Timing is Essential

Try about 20 minutes before bedtime or 15 to 20 minutes after they have eaten or drank some water.

Tip #5: Different Methods

You can take your puppy outside directly, start with a piece of newspaper on the floor or use the litter box. Any one of these is good to use when training your puppy.

Some Final Words

Groomed poodle standing in grass outside next to some petunias

It will take some effort, but you can train your poodle very quickly. They are smart enough to catch on quickly and should learn very fast. Just be patient with him or her and do not forget to reward them when they do it right.

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