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How to Groom a Matted Poodle at Home

Black poodle having it's matted fur combed

When you buy a poodle or other dog breed that comes with long hair or hair that does not stop growing, you will see mats from time to time. These mats need to be cut or groomed out of your dog’s fur so that the problem does not get worse.

To learn how to properly handle matted hair and to remove them without hurting your pet, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know about so you can do this task yourself and save some money.

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How to Treat Matted Fur

There are several steps to this process and these steps are designed to avoid any pain or discomfort to your dog. Unfortunately, dogs cannot handle this problem without your help. So, schedule a little block of time one day and get those mats out before it becomes a real chore.

Here are the steps you should consider following to make sure you do a good job.

1. Use a Detangler or Conditioner– The preferred products would be ones formulated to work on dog fur. These products will help lubricate the tangled fur and make it easier to remove the mats.

2. Start Lengthwise- The separation needs to begin by separating the hairs lengthwise. You can use either a pair of scissors or a mat splitter. The latter tool is sharp and designed to break up mats.

Make sure not to pull or tug on your pet’s fur when doing this chore. If you, do you can cause them pain and possibly pull the root out at the same time. Use a picking apart motion not a pulling action.

Blue 2 sided dog brush, isolated on a white background

3. Use a Slicker Brush First– This works best with smaller mats and after that turn to a bristle brush to smooth the fur out. The latter brush should pick up the dead and loose fur. Pinch the mat at its base to help protect your dog and avoid ripping hair out.

4. Speak Softly- You want to keep your dog nice and calm while you do this task and harsh tones are not going to help you. If the above techniques do not remove the mat, you will need to go to the scissors.

Cutting out the mat is the fastest way to get this job done but some dogs do not like seeing scissors coming towards them. You will need to keep them calm and still while you cut so speaking softly to them helps achieve that objective.

Person trimming poodles fur while poodle sits in a kitchen chair

5. When cutting, grab the mat by the base and hold them out from the skin. Be gentle about this so your dog does not jump when they get a little pain or feel a little tug. You should cut as close to their skin as possible and then discard the mat into the trash.

6. Once you have removed all the mats, brush out your pet’s fur and get it nice and smooth. let your dog loose and maybe let him or her outside as they may need to relieve themselves after this job is over.

How to Groom a Matted Poodle Tips

Woman grooming a standard white poodle

1. Use a Table or Elevated Surface– This position will help you keep better control over your pet.

2. Use the Right Tools– There are scissors out there that have the ability to change blades. These types of scissors let you trim different parts of the body in the best way and can handle mats very well

3. Take Your Time– This is not a rush job that can be done in a minute or two. Be patient and use some discipline as it will take some time to get the mats out.

Apricot colored poodle laying on a spa table while being brushed

4. Brush Often– One way to avoid your pet from getting mats is to brush their hair often. Do this on a regular basis to keep their hair nice and mat-free

5. Poodle Hair– It is said that poodle hair is like human hair. This means that you can use human shampoos and conditioners to help remove those mats.

6. Use Different Tools– Pin and slicker brushes are good to use but you can also use combs for delicate areas.

Some Final Words

Silver standard poodle being groomed by a woman in a red shirt

Matted dog hair or fur does not look good. Those mats may also make your dog feel uncomfortable as they pull on the different strands. When you see mats starting to form it is best to take care of them as soon as possible.

Use the above steps to guide your effort and make sure you do not have any distractions and are rushed for time. Be patient and go slowly. That way you will not hurt your pet as you remove those mats.

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