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How Do You Breed a Toy Poodle?

2 tan toy poodles wearing sweaters and sitting on a bench outside

Poodles are extremely popular among canine lovers and it entices breeders (and owners) to breed more pups. All types of poodles can be bred but you need to observe some caution to do it responsibly. Toy poodles are the smallest members of this breed (except teacup) and are admired for their adorable looks. Keep reading to know all the details about how to breed a toy poodle. 

How is a Toy Poodle Made?

These pups were developed by breeding small poodles in the 1900s. Most experts believe that this breed originated from Germany. However, their ancestors belonged to several different parts of the world, including Spain and Hungry. Later on, the popularity of these cute, little poodles increased and this trend is still going on.  

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How to Breed a Toy Poodle?

Tan poodle wearing pink bow over one ear

Finding the right breeder and taking necessary precautions are the most important aspects of the breeding process. Therefore, it’s imperative to check everything and be confident about all the factors before you breed a toy poodle. Read on to learn the correct way of breeding the smallest poodle.

Work with a Reliable Breeder  

Tan poodle newborn sleeping on a table

A good breeder will make the process very easy for the owner because of his/her experience and guidance. They will offer your pooch a clean and hygienic environment and won’t be afraid to answer your questions. Similarly, they will be honest and clear in their conversation and won’t haste for finalizing the deal.

They will explain all the contract details and make sure that you understood everything. These breeders will also provide you with the health history of the dogs without making any excuses. You should also know about the past experience of the breeder by contacting previous clients. This will give you an accurate idea about the capabilities of the breeder and make your decision a lot easier.

Understand All the Complications  

Silver toy poodle at the vet

You need to be 100% sure before breeding your toy poodle. This is because it affects many aspects of life and you should be ready to handle them. For example, breeding will lead to veterinary bills that can disturb your finances. Likewise, you will need to provide your pup with extra food and supplements to keep him/her healthy.

In addition to that, you will need to give extra time to your canine companion. The newborn puppies will also demand a lot of attention and care. They are vulnerable to several diseases, like Hypoglycemia, and you must monitor them closely to observe any problem.  

Consider the Size of Your Toy Poodle

Apricot poodle laying on a tile floor

The female dog should be larger than the male while breeding a toy poodle. It is considered an ideal setting because these females are more likely to carry well and deliver naturally. The puppies produced by such breeding will also be small and stay within the range of toy poodles. Hence, if you are looking to breed your 8-pound toy poodle, the male companion should be around 6 pounds.

Common Health Concerns While Breeding Toy Poodles

The following are some of the biggest problems that may arise when you are trying to breed a toy poodle.

Addison’s Disease

This is a serious condition of the adrenal glands that affects the production of aldosterone and cortisol. Both these hormones are vital for regulating several body functions, including metabolism and blood pressure. When these glands are affected (and hormones are not produced regularly), an imbalance of electrolytes is developed. Hence, your pooch can show several symptoms, like vomiting, lethargy, and shaking. In extreme cases, sudden death from a cardiac arrest is also a possibility.  

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Silver toy poodle against a white background

All types of poodles can be affected by this eye disease that damages the cells in the retina. The process of deterioration is continuous and will ultimately cause blindness in your dog. Many owners don’t realize this problem in the beginning and tend to ignore the problem.

This condition is often regarded as genetic and can be detected in the genes. Therefore, proper testing before the breeding process can help you to reduce the chances of PRA in newborn puppies. Most toy poodles will start to show the signs of this retinal problem around the age of 3 years. Their condition will progress gradually and you will have to take good care of them. Although there is no treatment for this condition, you can keep your dog calm and happy through love and care.


White toy poodle at vet

Epilepsy is a common problem with poodles and you must check the bloodline before breeding to minimize its chances. This condition is marked by drooling, usual body movements, and collapse (in extreme cases). The exact reason for this disease is still unknown and experts believe that it is most probably genetic. However, a brain tumor has proven to be the cause of epilepsy in some cases. Removing the tumor through surgery is the most reliable treatment in that scenario.  

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