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How to Tell if Your Toy Poodle is Purebred?

2 toy poodles sitting on a blue chair in front of book shelves

A poodle is said to be purebred if both its parents are purebred themselves. This means that their grandparents and older ancestors should also be purebred canines. Keep reading to know about the key features that can help you tell whether your toy poodle is purebred or not.

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How to Tell if Your Poodle is Purebred?

Red toy poodle isolated against a white background

Understanding the general appearance of purebred poodles can be quite helpful to distinguish between different canines. Although there are some other factors as well, appearance alone can narrow down a lot of options. Let’s discuss the physical characteristics that you must observe while analyzing a dog.

Head Shape – A purebred poodle has a moderately rounded head with flat cheekbones and muscles.

Eyes and Ears – The eyes of toy poodles are oval in shape and have very dark shades. They have a significant gap between them which gives your dog an alert look. The ears of a poodle are long, wide, and have a lot of hair. They are placed around the eye level of your pooch and hang close to the head.  

White toy poodle lying down on a woman's legs

Muzzle – The muzzle of a poodle is long, fine, and straight with a little bit of chiseling under the eyes. Some pups may also have a scissors bite.   

Coat Texture – The non-shedding coat of poodles is a huge reason for its immense popularity. It is made from curly or wiry hair and is quite dense. Hence, it will require regular grooming to avoid matting and maintain the looks of your pup.   

Body – Poodles have a strong, muscular build that is covered by snug skin. They have a deep chest with wide ribs and broad loin. 

Fluffy toy poodle sitting on the corner of a bed

Forelegs – Poodles have a very balanced body and front legs play a massive part in determining their physique. They are straight and the elbows will appear directly below the shoulders when viewed from the side. The paws of a toy poodle are small and oval in shape (with arched toes).

Hind Legs – They are also straight and parallel with well-bent stifles to ensure good balance.

Tail – Poodles have a straight tail that goes high and is not carried over their backs.

How Do You Know if You Have a Toy Poodle?

Black toy poodle outdoors standing in grass

Poodles come in three different sizes (standard, miniature, and toy). The variation in size is the biggest difference between these types. A toy poodle is less than 10 inches (6-9 inches) tall and will weigh around 4-6 pounds when fully grown. If you own a pooch of this size that fulfills the criteria of being purebred, you have a purebred toy poodle. 

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