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Best Senior Dog Food for Small Breeds

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Senior dogs present some unique challenges to their parents. They go through different physical changes, and you have to adjust their care accordingly to keep them healthy and active. For instance, you will have to feed them senior dog food to meet their specific nutritional requirements. Continue reading to find some of the best nutrient-dense dog foods that are suitable for your senior canine.

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Best Wet Dog Foods for Senior Dogs

The quality of ingredients becomes even more important when you are choosing a commercial product for an older dog. For this reason, we have compiled a list of some of the most reliable dog foods for your aging pup.

Wet Dog Food by Hill’s Science

Many people, including some veterinarians, consider this canned dog food as the best in the market. It contains a mixture of real beef, brown rice, and palatable vegetables to provide complete nutrition to your pet. All of these ingredients are supplemented by a beef broth that makes this wet food irresistible to dogs.

This dog food is rich with all kinds of nutrients, including protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The presence of beef ensures a very large amount of protein per gram. Similarly, vegetables and brown rice are filled with other nutrients that are essential for your canine’s health. All in all, it is a scrumptious and optimal meal for an aging dog.  

Ultra-Premium Wet Dog Food by Natural Balance

Are you looking for a commercial dog food that offers balanced nutrition to your canine companion? This canned dog food from Natural Balance is the product you need. In addition to easily-digestible carbohydrates, lean protein, and healthy vegetables, this canned food has the perfect balance of Omega-3 and Omega 6. 

This dog food is designed to support healthy digestion so that the key nutrients could be absorbed properly. Likewise, it is free from all kinds of artificial colors and flavors to keep your senior pup fit.  

Senior Formula Dog Food by Wellness

This premium product is made from 100% all-natural ingredients to provide balanced nutrition to your senior dog. This dog food is designed to improve the overall wellbeing of a canine. It is low in calories, high in fiber, and contains all the necessary nutrients that your dog needs.

This amazing formula takes care of your pup’s skin, eyes, teeth, gums, digestive system, and energy. The presence of flaxseed in this senior dog food is very healthy for the coat and skin of your aging canine.   

Grain-Free Wet Dog Food by Merrick

Many dog parents tend to look for grain-free alternatives for their senior dogs. They believe that grains are not essential for canines and must be avoided. This commercial dog food from Merrick is an ideal product for those canines that are sensitive to grains.

This moist dog food contains real deboned chicken and other natural ingredients, like sweet potatoes, apples, and green beans. Similarly, it has a savory chicken and turkey broth to add even more to its flavor. Lastly, it is free from all kinds of preservatives and artificial flavors to keep it healthy.

Best Dry Dog Foods for Senior Dogs

The following senior recipes contain above-average protein, below-average calories, and moderate fat that makes them ideal for older dogs.

Small Breed Dry Dog Food by Wellness

Small Breed Dry Dog Food by Wellness

Need a small kibble size for keeping your senior dog healthy? This all-natural dog food from Wellness is specifically designed to fulfill the unique nutritional needs of smaller breeds. It is formulated for weight maintenance and is free from all the calorie-rich grains, like wheat and corn.

Likewise, this dry dog food is good for healthy joints because it includes Glucosamine and Chondroitin. As we know that chronic diseases, such as arthritis, are quite common in dogs, it is extremely important to take care of your aging companion. Last but not least, this kibble is quite useful for healthy skin and coat.

Senior Dog Food by Orijen

This grain-free formula is ideal for those owners who want a dry dog food that is rich in animal protein. Orijen is a huge promoter of a meat-based diet for canines, and this is exactly what you get with this product. The ingredients used in this senior dog food include deboned chicken and turkey, wild-caught fish, and cage-free eggs.  

All the animal ingredients used in this product are supplied in their most natural and nourishing form. That’s the reason why this dog food is amazing for fulfilling the biological needs of your senior dogs.

Pro Plan Bright Mind Adult 7+ by Purina

Pro Plan Bright Mind Adult 7+ by Purina

This senior formula is an ideal dog food to counter a disease called Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS). This ailment is quite similar to Alzheimer’s (in humans) where an old dog may suffer from disorientation and anxiety. The Pro Plan Bright Mind Adult 7+ nourishes your canine’s mind naturally through botanical oils.

The primary ingredient of this dry dog food is real chicken. Other than that, this kibble includes whole-grain wheat that provides prebiotic fiber to support digestion. Similarly, it has several other nutrients (like Vitamin A, Omega-3, Linoleic Acid, and Glucosamine) that are useful for your pup.

Grain-Free Dry Dog Food by Nature’s Variety

Grain-Free Dry Dog Food by Nature’s Variety

This chicken-based kibble is a protein-packed punch for any small senior dog. The primary ingredient of this product is real chicken as it is filled with animal protein. Therefore, it takes good care of your canine’s muscles, eyes, and brain. Some pieces of this kibble are kept freeze-dried raw to provide the benefits of raw nutrition in every meal.

This grain-free dog food also contains a calculated amount of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. All these nutrients are important for the overall wellbeing of your pup and offer various benefits. For instance, L-Carnitine ensures a healthy metabolism by assisting the burning of fats. This dry dog food is made from the finest ingredients, and it is free from artificial flavors and preservatives.

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