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How Long Do Miniature Poodles Live?

portrait of a small tan poodle at sunset

Miniature poodles have an average lifespan of 14 years. It is longer than the average lifespan of standard poodles and shorter than the average lifespan of toy poodles. According to research, miniature poodles can live up to 18.5 years if they are given proper diet and care. Keep reading to find out how you can extend the lifespan of a miniature poodle.

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How to Help Miniature Poodles Live Longer?

You can’t stop your canine friend from dying but can try to extend their lifespan and give them the best possible life. The following are some methods that can prove useful in achieving this goal.

Feed a Balanced Diet

Variety of raw foods and a metal dog food bowl full of kibble, isolated on a white background.

Obesity is a major concern with miniature poodles and you must be vigilant at all times to control it. An obese dog can develop a plethora of other issues, like joint troubles and digestive problems. All these things can reduce the lifespan of your pup.

Therefore, you must develop a balanced diet plan for your canine friend and stick to it to keep him/her healthy. Choose a quality dog food that is high in protein and doesn’t have any filler ingredients in it.

Provide Regular Exercise

Tiny black poodle running in green grass

Miniature poodles have a lot of energy and will require rigorous physical activity to burn it off. Daily exercise will also help you to control your dog’s weight and keep the joints healthy. Experts think that this miniature breed must get an hour of activity every day. It will also keep them happy by offering necessary mental stimulation to these intelligent pups.

Neuter Your Dog

Vet performing Neuter surgery

Spaying your miniature poodle can play an important in increasing his/her life expectancy. It minimizes the risk of several cancers that can prove fatal for canines. However, it’s important to neuter your pooch at the right time.

Spaying a dog too early (before reaching sexual maturity) can have negative effects on his/her health (and lifespan). Hence, it is vital to discuss this issue with your vet and follow professional advice on this matter.

Ensure Good Dental Health

Close up of a small poodle laying on its back and baring its teeth

Miniature poodles are prone to dental diseases and will require deep cleaning to avoid an infection. The build-up of tartar can severely affect the gums and teeth of your canine companion. This infection can also spread to other body parts (if left untreated) and will affect the lifespan of your pooch. Hence, you should brush his/her teeth regularly (2-3 times a week) and seek professional help if it’s needed.

Schedule Veterinary Visits

poodle laying on its back while a vet listens to its heart

Poodles are prone to some genetic diseases and early detection can be helpful to minimize the damage. Therefore, you should visit your vet regularly (once every 6 months) for a detailed examination of your pup.

What is the Leading Cause of Death for Miniature Poodles?

Death is the reality of life and your dog will die someday despite all your efforts. Several causes could be responsible, but cancer and heart disease are the biggest reasons for the death of miniature poodles.


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