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How Long Do Teacup Poodles Live?

Portrait of a Tiny poodle dressed in a jacket

On average, teacup poodles can live for up to 12-15 years. Experts believe that some of these tiny pups can live even longer if they are healthy. You just need to give them quality food and get them neutered at the right time. However, some factors can affect their lifespan and you need to be careful about them. Keep reading to find out what they are and learn how you can counter them.

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What are the Leading Causes of Death for Teacup Poodles?

Some of the major reasons that can cause the early death of a teacup poodle are discussed below.

Small Size

Small red poodle, laying down, isolated on a white background.

Teacup poodles are very tiny dogs that won’t grow taller than 9 inches. They weigh between 2 and 6 pounds and have very delicate bodies. This makes them highly vulnerable to injuries and traumas and any accident can prove fatal for them. Likewise, it is difficult for these pups to withstand harsh climatic conditions (both hot and cold).

You have to be really careful while playing with them, even if you are inside the house. This is because they can easily break a bone or injure a joint while jumping from furniture to furniture. If you take them outside, you need to observe extreme caution as they can’t be left unsupervised in a park.

In addition to that, these adorable pups are difficult to treat because of their small size. A standard IV needle is not safe for a 3-pound teacup poodle and your vet will have to try something different. Hence, you will need to give your canine friend a lot of care and attention.

Health Problems

Small tan poodle standing in grass with its head tilted

Teacup poodles get scared very often and can develop heart diseases because of too much anxiety. Similarly, they are prone to a collapsed trachea that can prove deadly for them. If you ever observe your tiny pup coughing and finding it difficult to breathe after eating or drinking, it could have this problem. It can also happen after a playing session and you must be careful in exerting your teacup poodle.

Hypoglycemia is also very common among this type of poodles. It is a condition that is marked by high blood sugar and can lead to diabetes. This will start a series of ailments that could result in an early death for your dog. Poor nutrition and stress can also play a role in worsening the situation.

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