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How to Take Care of Your Toy Poodle?

portrait of the head of a toy poodle in tall grass and weeds

If you’ve decided to bring a toy poodle home, you’ve made the right decision. With a little poodle care, you may have a dog that lives a long, happy, and healthy life. Giving this poodle the best care is what you can do for him. For your pooch’s healthy coat, Brush him at least once every other day, in addition to taking him to the groomer regularly for clipping. If you are looking forward to How to take care of your toy poodle, keep reading this guide.

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How to Take Care of Your Toy Poodle?

The following are some most effective ways to take care of your pup.

Nourish the Toy Poodle with Quality Food

Dogs require varying amounts of protein, calories, and other nutrients depending on their age. Puppies, adult dogs, and elderly dogs all require different types of dog food.

  • Puppyhood – They require more protein for muscular growth, calories for growth, and calcium for strong bones. If your toy poodle is under the age of 12 months, you should feed it puppy food. ““Puppy food” or “growth” foods are the most common labels. Choose a puppy meal formulated specifically for toy dogs.
  • Adulthood – When your dog reaches the age of roughly 12 months, switch to adult dog food. Continue feeding them this food until they are around 7 years old. These foods are nutritionally balanced to meet the dietary requirements of a canine.
  • Senior Age – Switch to a senior food when your adult toy poodle reaches the age of seven. These have a lower concentration of minerals like phosphate, which the kidney has a harder time processing. You can assist safeguard your pet’s renal function by switching to senior food.
  • Use Dry Diet – A complete dry diet or a wet diet of canned food with the addition of mixed biscuits are the two feeding alternatives. Chewing on the biscuit helps keep the dog’s teeth clean, thus dry meals are better for them.
  • Ensure Proper Hydration – Make sure your dog has access to water at all times. Clean the dish every few days and change the water every day.

Groom Your Toy Poodle

Close up of a toy poodle being groomed with a pair of scissors.

Poodle’s grooming may include cleaning of coat, teeth, and brushing his/her hair.

  • Combing and ClippingGroom your dog daily through combing and clipping. Groom your dog every day for a few minutes. This will accomplish two goals: you will be able to untangle his hair while also providing him with much-needed attention.
  • Use Hair Brush – A comb or brush offered at a pet store to comb through the snags. You might even combine the two methods, using a comb on some regions of the dog’s body and a brush on others.
  • Use Child’s Tooth Brush – Use a small toothbrush along with the dog’s toothpaste. Gently brush the teeth of your poodle. Use the wet towel to clean the toothpaste.

Take Care of Poodle’s Health

Poodles are a healthy dog breed, but they may suffer from diseases. Here are some essential precautions a poodle owner should learn.

  • Appointment with Vet – Every six months, dogs above the age of seven should see a veterinarian. The veterinarian will look for symptoms of sickness, administer immunizations, and treat parasites and worms.
  • Vaccination – Vaccination is required even if you carry your toy poodle about with you or if he/she just goes outside sometimes. This is because some diseases, such as parvovirus, are caused by viruses that are especially hardy and can cling to your shoes.

How to Take Care of a Toy Poodle Puppy?

Toy poodle with short hair being washed

Your toy poodle puppy is intelligent, active, and eager to learn. Poodle puppy may be nervous when he/she first go, but will quickly adjust. According to The Nest, it’s not tough to look after her. She’ll require high-quality puppy food, housetraining, grooming, and exercise. Some useful suggestions that can help you take care of a toy poodle puppy are as follows.

Balanced Diet

Give her a high-quality puppy chow. For her body’s function and continued growth, she requires a well-balanced diet enrich in protein. Carbohydrates are also necessary for the poodle’s high energy levels. Avoid foods containing wheat, maize, or soy because poodles are prone to bloat and skin irritation.

Potty Training

For potty training, use a leash. To begin, put your canine on a leash and walk to the front door. When your pup has to leave, he/she will quickly learn to go to the door. Make it a habit to take her to the same area outside every time. This clever dog will ultimately find her way back to the exact location on her own.


Black toy poodle being combed on a grooming table.

Groom toy poodle puppy regularly. Every other day, give your dog a brushing. The hair on your poodle is prone to tangling and grows swiftly. Once a week, clean her ears. Gently pull the hair out of the ear canal, then wipe the outer ear with a dampened cloth. For regular cuts, ear cleaning, and toenail care, take her to a professional groomer.

Provide Entertainment

Make sure she has a lot of things to do. Give her things to gnaw on as well as toys to play with. These bright puppies require mental stimulation. They enjoy fetching a ball and chew toys are excellent for teething puppies. You should also take your dog for a daily walk. Toy poodle puppies have a lot of energy, but they can get low blood sugar if you take them on a long walk. Put a little honey in water and give it to your puppy, if you think your pup is exercising too much.

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