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7 Large Dog Breeds That Are Calm

Great Pyrenees laying in grass on a hill

Dog breeds are as versatile as the human race. They come in all different sizes, personalities, and temperaments. Contrary to popular belief, large dog breeds are not as aggressive as some may believe. Depending on the specific breed, big dogs can be more giant teddy bears than imposing and fear-inducing animals.

Although large dog breeds have varied personality traits and temperaments, one of the things that most of them have in common is their need for appropriate and regular veterinary care. The reason this is so important is due to their size. Larger breeds tend to have certain medical issues – hip and joint issues in particular. Their environment is also something that should be considered. When looking for a new furry family member, their specific needs should be taken into consideration just as much as your own. Dog ownership is a lifetime commitment, make sure it’s a good fit – before you commit.

The following are the best large dog breeds that are calm you can bring into your home.


Leonberger laying down in the snow

Originating from Leonberg, Germany, the Leonberger is a magnificent dog breed. They are highly intelligent, friendly, loving, and loyal. Powerfully built, the Leonberger can weigh up to 170 lbs. or even more and they stand at about 31 inches at the shoulder. As large as they are, and as imposing as they may seem, these dogs do well in a family-oriented environment, however, they do need adequate exercise and plenty of space.

Scottish Deerhound

Scottish Deerhound laying in tall grass and weeds.

Large and energetic, the Scottish Deerhound needs room to run, and their personalities are even bigger than they are. These dogs are quite well-known for their affectionate, loving, and loyal temperaments, but they are also very people-oriented and do not do well when left to their own for too long. They can grow up to 32 inches in height and generally weigh around 110 lbs. Their beautiful coat is one of their defining features, but it does require regular grooming sessions.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog laying in tall grass with trees in background

Majestic. That is just one adjective to describe this hardy and powerful breed. Although originally bred to be working dogs (which they are incredible at) they have adapted quite well into domestic life. They are terrific with children as well as with other pets that might be in the home. Sweet, loving, intelligent, and devoted, they can get pretty big – 110 + lbs. and over 28 inches in height. Due to their large size, supervision might be necessary when playing with small children or pets.


Kuvasz laying on large stone in front of stone wall

Hailing from Hungary, the Kuvasz is one of the most ancient breeds from the region. Their natural instincts, and larger size, make them excellent guard dogs but they also fit right in with human families. They are smart, patient, protective, bold, and spirited. The Kuvasz is also incredibly independent which can make training a bit difficult, however, they do catch on fairly quickly. They are also one of a few large dog breeds to have a relatively long-life expectancy, living to be more than 12 years old in some cases.


Greyhound laying in tall grass

Known as the Cheetah of the canine world. The Greyhound is very well-known for being exceptionally fast – about 45 mph – after all, they were built for speed. Lean and aerodynamic, they are bred to be racing dogs but typically transition to family pets once retired from the racetrack. Even-tempered, calm, and gentle, this breed is particularly great with children. They will need a decent amount of exercise but surprisingly, they fare well in smaller environments such as apartment living.


close up portrait of a Newfoundland

These striking and powerful looking dogs have the best temperament. They have a strong natural instinct to protect their family and territory so can be reserved with people that they are unfamiliar with. One of the biggest entries on the list, the Newfoundland typically stands at 29 inches and can weigh more than 150 lbs when fully grown. Fantastic with children and animals alike, easy to train, and boasting a sweet temperament, these gentle giants would be an asset to any home. They are prone to separation anxiety and as such should not be left alone for long periods.

Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees laying down on a porch

The Great Pyrenees is beauty personified. If there were a dog version of a polar bear, these big guys would be it. Not only gorgeous but they have an amenable temperament and are incredibly sweet and loyal. Although quite mellow and laid back, their sheer size can be somewhat imposing. 32 inches at the shoulder and weighing in at more than 160 lbs this breed are vigilant guardians and will love and protect his human family with his life. Naturally independent with a stubborn streak, training can sometimes be a little bit of a challenge, however, their intelligence will certainly balance that out.

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