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8 Dog Breeds that Begin with U and V

Utonagan running in water


Utonagan standing in snow

These gentle and loving dogs are considered the teddy bears of the canine world. Utonagans are also called pet wolves because this breed looks like a wolf.

Despite their wolf-like appearance, these canines are wonderful companion dogs for experienced owners. Novice dog owners should stay away from this breed because Utonagans can be hard to control at times. Early socialization can be helpful to prevent behavioral problems in the future.

Utonagans can have a single flat coat or a double coat with a mane. Their coat can come in either black, grey, tan, white, apricot, or any combination of these colors. According to the breed standard, a black-tipped tail is considered good.

Ultimate Mastiff

The Ultimate Mastiff was developed by crossbreeding the Neapolitan Mastiff with a Dogue de Bordeaux. The combination results in a big, muscular dog that is known to live up to 12 years. These great companion dogs are ONLY recommended for experienced owners.

Ultimate Mastiffs have a short and silky coat. It comes in various colors, like black, blue, grey, cream, fawn, and Isabella. Likewise, they can have certain variations in eye colors (blue, hazel, or amber) and nose shades (black, brown, or Isabella).

If you want to keep an Ultimate Mastiff as your companion, be prepared to provide it with a lot of exercise. A 30-minute walk two times a day should be enough to keep your pup happy. Always keep in mind that an Ultimate Mastiff can quickly gain weight if he/she is not provided enough exercise.

Valley Bulldog

Valley Bulldog resting on chair

The Valley Bulldog was created by mixing the English Bulldog with the Boxer. These medium-sized dogs adapt well to apartment life, but excessive barking can be a problem. However, this issue can be curbed through training at a young age. These pups are an ideal companion for inactive families because they require much exercise.

The coat of a Valley Bulldog can be red, white, fawn, tan, or brindle. Normally, solid color is a rarity with this breed and the coat is a mix of these colors. The short coat of Valley Bulldogs is very easy to maintain and groom.

Vanguard Bulldog

The Vanguard Bulldog is an excellent guard dog for your family. This is because these canines are naturally very protective and athletic. However, inexperienced parents may have trouble controlling this independent and strong-willed breed. Vanguard Bulldogs need an owner who is experienced and knows how to be the leader of a pack.

These pups have a short coat that is very easy to maintain. They only need occasional brushing or bathing to look sharp. On top of that, this breed is easy to maintain because they don’t shed much. Plenty of exercise is needed to keep your Vanguard Bulldog away from destructive behavior.

Victorian Bulldog

Victorian Bulldog outdoors in grass

Victorian Bulldogs are a cross between Bull Mastiffs, Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and English Bulldogs. This breed was ONLY developed to create a much healthier version of the existing bulldog.

Victorian Bulldogs are taller and more narrowly built than regular bulldogs. They also have far fewer wrinkles on the body. These pooches are popular all around the world due to their cute looks and healthy nature.

Victorian Bulldogs sport a short and smooth coat with average shedding. You will need to brush your dog multiple times a week to keep the coat shiny and healthy. On the plus side, this breed does not need regular baths. Frequent baths can be harmful to this dog’s skin.

Villain of Las Encartaciones

The Villain of Las Encartaciones is an extremely rare dog. It is believed that this breed is rarer than the Giant Pandas. These dogs were originally bred for hunting in the western part of Basque Country. Other than that, the main job of these dogs was to herd and control cattle.

These canines are reported to roam the mountains wildly, often not returning home for a year. This is because the skillset of this dog is not needed in the modern world.

These medium-sized dogs resemble Mastiffs, with their strong necks and powerful chests. The Villain of Las Encartaciones has a short and flat coat with brindle as the most common color. However, solid black or dark brown colors are also possible for this breed.


Vizsla sitting on leaf covered ground in wooded area

The Vizsla is a versatile and athletic dog breed that originated from Hungary. This breed is known for its signature golden-rust colored coat. These light-footed dogs are excellent companions for hunters.

Vizslas are known to form extremely strong bonds with their owners. They are suited for families that are active and can provide enough exercise and activities for this breed. On the other hand, they don’t adapt well to apartment living because they prefer wide-open areas to run around in. Vizslas also hate being left alone for a long time and this can make them chaotic and destructive.


The Vizmaraner is a gorgeous dog breed that has its origins in hunting. It was bred by mixing the Vizsla and Weimaraner. They are known for their undying loyalty and affection for their owners.

These pooches make good family companions but are susceptible to separation anxiety. Vizmaraners can fit well into apartment life if sufficient exercise is ensured. A couple of walks a day should be just fine.

Vizmaraners have a short but dense coat that can be brindle, grey, brown, fawn, or sable in color. The sleek look of the coat is rather easy to maintain as the hair is short. Weekly brushing and bathing when necessary should be more than enough for this breed.

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