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9 Non-Barking Small Dogs

Brindled French Bulldog laying on a piece of wood laying over saw horses

Although barking is the way dogs communicate, excessive barking can be frustrating for owners as well as their neighbors. Therefore, most people prefer those dogs that are least barky. Small dog breeds are generally associated with continuous high-pitched barking, but some of them can have a silent nature. Some of these non-barking small dogs are as follows.

9 Non-Barking Small Dog Breeds

French Bulldog

Black and White French Bulldog laying on hard wood floor

French Bulldogs or ‘Frenchies’ were first bred by lacemakers in England, in the 1800s. The primary goal was to create a smaller kind of English Bulldog. This is the reason why these dogs are also called ‘toy’ bulldogs.

These pups have a fairly mild and calm temperament and are renowned for their friendliness. Likewise, they make excellent apartment dwellers because of their quiet nature. Frenchies are very entertaining, and their jocosity can always leave you in splits.

The only drawback of this breed is that they are critical to separation anxiety. Therefore, French Bulldogs need a lot of attention and can indulge in negative barking if they don’t get it. If these dogs are attended to properly, they are considered ideal family dogs.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu with hair in pigtails on top of its head, standing in grass outrdoors

It is believed that this toy dog breed originated in China, around 1000 BC. Shih Tzus were owned by the royal family of China. These adorable dogs are always ready to please their family and have an affectionate demeanor.

Contrastingly, they are also considered excellent watchdogs because of their alertness. These cute pooches are not yappy, and they only bark when required. For instance, Shih Tzus bark to alert their owners about the presence of a stranger. They are also ideal for apartment life because of their natural ability to make excellent companions and roommates.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Portrait of 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels laying in grass outdoors

This miniature spaniel breed originated in the United Kingdom (in 2000) and belongs to the toy group of the American Kennel Club. It. It is ranked as the 19th most popular breed in the United States of America.

Cavaliers love to be around their owners and are one of the most sociable dogs. They possess a strong intellect and learn things very quickly. Moreover, they don’t have rigorous exercise needs and their grooming also requires minimal effort. Lastly, these loving and apartment-friendly dogs do well with other dogs and strangers.

Glen of Imaal Terrier

Side view of a Glen of Imaal Terrier standing outdoors in grass

This dog breed is named after the name of the valley “Glen of Imaal” in Ireland. These canines were first bred in this valley, in the 1570s. They are the result of a cross between indigenous Irish dogs and the hounds of Flemish.

These terriers have an independent and friendly personality that is complemented by calmness and poise. They love to be around their pack (family) and bark only when required. The peaceful nature of these pups makes them excellent apartment companions. However, you should provide them with an ample amount of exercise to keep them happy. 

English Toy Spaniel

Portrait of an English Toy Spaniel with a snowy background

This crossbreed dog was developed by the American Kennel Club in 1904. Generally, the nature of its members is quite similar to that of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. These adorable dogs have soft and silky fur that spreads all over their body.

English Toy Spaniels love to spend time with their owners. They do equally well with adults and children, which makes them exemplary family dogs. They stay silent under almost all circumstances and are usually offensively cute. These dogs are excellent roommates that makes them ideal for apartment life.


Tan and white Havanese sitting in grass outdoors

This dog breed finds its roots in the capital city of Cuba, Havana (back into the 1500s). The tangled tail and silky coat of these dogs make them look gorgeous and attractive. These are social, friendly, and loving dogs who gem-up well with their masters and families.

Havanese are so quiet that you won’t even realize that he/she is around. This means that they won’t bother you and your neighbors with their yapping. However, they can become vigilant watchdogs because they do bark when somebody is at your door. The small size and low energy of these canines are extremely suitable for apartment life.

Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested laying on a concrete sidewalk

This is a unique dog breed that stands alone in terms of its looks. Chinese Crested dogs come in two varieties, the powder puffs and the hairless. The hairless members of this breed mostly have bald bodies with long fur on the face and feet. On the other hand, powder puff Chinese Crested dogs have a light silky coat.

These loving and affectionate dogs love to cuddle with their owners. Not only are they kind to humans, but they also do well with other dogs. A Chinese Crested has low energy requirements and tends to stay quiet most of the time. Therefore, he/she is ideal for apartment life. However, separation anxiety can be an issue with this breed so you must give them proper attention.


Over head view of a Bolognese dog standing in grass

Bologneses are considered the descendants of the Bichon dogs. They originated in Bologna (Italy) in the 11th century and were the pride of noble families. This toy dog became the symbol of renaissance between the Belgian and Italian nobility.

These faithful companions are quiet in nature and love to live peacefully with their owners. Although the exercise requirements of these dogs are low, they can exhibit territorial behavior. However, this problem can be managed efficiently through early training.

Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin sitting in grass outdoors

There is no certain reference regarding the origin of this dog breed. However, some sources suggest that a Japanese Chin was given as a gift to Japan’s royal family by the Korean Emperor in 732 A.D. These pups have a mischievous and play-loving personality and are renowned for ‘singing’. Having said that, they stay quiet most of the time and are excellent for apartment life. 

Japanese Chins resemble cats in terms of their activeness and athleticism. They require daily exercise to utilize their stored energy. Thanks to their loving nature, they normally make good family dogs.

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