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Are White Labradors Good?

White labrador laying in grass

Generally, yes, white Labradors are good. While there are some people who will not think so. Many people have fears that a certain color of fur coat a dog has, influences their personality and behavior. Especially, when it is a rare color like white. This is evident in how people view those Labs that are not black, brown, or yellow.

But rest assured the color makes no difference in how your pet behaves. The color does not matter, and you are going to get a good white lab that has all the great qualities Labradors are known for.

Are White Labs Healthy?

They can be but it will depend on where they were bred and if the breeders used in breeding or normal breeding practices. Or if the breeders were a puppy mill and did not take care of the parents or the pups after they were born.

When you get a white lab from a responsible and good breeder, they will do medical tests to make sure the pup is healthy and fit. They will usually give you a copy of those test results so you can have them on hand and refer to them if a medical issue does arise.

Going through respected and well-known breeders may be more expensive but you get better protection for your pup every step of the way. After they are born, the white lab will face normal health issues that plague all Labradors.

This is something that cannot be avoided. White Labs are vulnerable to hip and elbow issues, as well as other diseases that yellow, black, & brown Labs face every year of their lives.

If you take proper care of your White Lab puppy, then chances are you can enjoy their presence for the decade or, so they are allowed to live. But car accidents and other harmful situations will not give you any guarantees of a long life for your treasured lab.

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Are White Labradors Deaf?

White lab laying in grass

It is possible but for some reason, true white dogs have this problem, not White Labs. The White Lab is called that, but their fur is actually a very pale yellow and that color helps the white lab avoid deafness for the most part.

We say the most part as every pup is vulnerable to congenital defects. These defects could come from the mother who had an infection during pregnancy or was exposed to a harsh chemical or drug during the same time period.

Or your White Lab had a severe ear infection at some point in their life and deafness is a result of that infection. Also, if your White Lab is constantly around loud noises like gunshots, they may get temporary deafness.

It all depends as even a lack of pigmentation in the inner ear can be the cause of the deafness your White Lab is experiencing. Generally, only a veterinarian can determine if your dog is deaf or not but there are some signs that will let you know they have a hearing problem.

The main sign that tells you is when you call their name or blow a whistle and he or she does not respond. Make sure the dog is facing away from you or is asleep when you do this test.

It does not have to be a whistle, though. Anything that makes a loudish noise will work. If your dog barks more or less than normal, that may be a sign of deafness as well.

If you have concerns about your pet’s hearing, contact your vet and let him examine your dog. He should be able to tell without using the expensive BAER test.

Do White Labs Turn Yellow?

close up portrait of a Yellow lab puppy

It is possible but even if yours does, it may not be an extreme change. Lab puppies can change their color a little bit and go to a little darker shade of yellow.

But that only happens when they lose their baby fur. Also, the adult’s undercoat may remain white while the guard coat turns a little yellowish. Often you will see only a light cream color when your pet changes color.

They won’t get to be exactly like a Yellow Lab at all. This is not a phenomenon for the White Lab only. Other unique Lab colors will do the same thing.

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Some Final Words

Woman playing with white labrador

White Labs are good dogs. The key is to treat them right, take care of them and make sure they remain as healthy as possible. When you do that, you have a great family dog that will enjoy being with his or her family.

You can count on your white lab to be patient fun and very energetic. As well as express all characteristics Labs are known for

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Please note: We are not veterinarians and you use our advice at your own discretion. We always recommend that you consult your veterinarian whenever you have health-related conditions your furbaby is facing. With that in mind, as pet parents ourselves, we wish nothing but the best for your pet and their healthy and happy lives.