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Labrador Vs Wolf

Picture of a wolf and one of a chocolate lab meeting in the middle on the diagonal with the letters VS in the middle

For most people, the only thing they know about the wolf is that it’s something that you should probably be afraid of if you see one. Even though you probably don’t see wolves as often as you would see a dog, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t around. In fact, there are several packs throughout North America alone. They may not be common pets like a Labrador is, but for those who are interested in learning more about the differences between these two animals, read on.

What Is a Labrador?

This is a gentle dog that loves children. It can be patient, kind, and easy to train. Their attitude is to please his or her master. Also, a lab has the right personality to be an assist or guide dog.

They are medium size pets that can adjust to just about any living situation. Plus, they are very energetic dogs that love to be outside or go for a swim. You may have a hard time getting them out of the water once they get in.

They are very good retrievers especially once they are trained.

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What Is a Wolf?

Portrait of a wolf

A wolf is generally a wild animal but in recent decades the trend was to breed them with other dogs to produce a wolf/dog hybrid. This combination can breed a new species, but the dog/fox combination cannot.

This is not an animal you want around the house as it is listed as not being kid, family, pet, or stranger friendly. This wolf option grows to be a little taller than the retriever but does not live as long.

Also, it can get 50 pounds heavier than the retriever and it is considered to be a highly intelligent animal.

How Are They Different?

a chocolate lab, yellow lab and a black lab sitting in autumn leaves

They are about as different as two animals can be. One is a good-natured dog that loves people and other pets, and the other is on the opposite side of that scale. Plus, the wolf will have yellow to amber eyes while the Labrador’s eye color can range from blue to brown.

The wolf is not known to be a big barker, but the retriever can let you know quite often that something is not right in their eyes. Then the wolf can run 17 mph faster than the retriever.

How Are They Similar?

Wolf howling standing on a boulder outdoors with trees in the background

The most basic similarity between these two animals is that they are said by scientists to have developed from the same ancient wolf. No one knows when the wolf arrived on the scene or its country of origin, so this is hard to say.

These two animals share the same drool, shedding, dander, and maintenance issues with the retriever a bit stronger in the dander and shedding category. Also, both are purebred animals unless they have been crossed bred with another dog breed.

Plus, their intelligence levels seem to be on the same level. Both animals are highly intelligent.

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What’s Better About a Labrador?

Chocolate lab standing on a boulder outdoors

Just about everything when it comes to family and other pets. The Labrador is a very social animal that loves to be around its family members. It is great with small children, and it seems to have fatherly patience with them when it comes to kids.

Then the Labrador will live longer than the wolf and that is always a good thing. Its willingness to please sets it apart from the wolf and makes it a more lovable pet.

Then it is not a very aggressive dog breed.

What’s Better About a Wolf?

Wolf standing in snow

One attribute that stands out is that it likes its independence. It does not hang by your side all the time and wants its space. Unlike the Lab, the wolf is very good at protecting his or her family and can fight if the need arises.

Then the wolf is not as susceptible to the health issues that plague the Lab even though its lifespan is not as long as the Lab. With its high intelligence level, the wolf should be easier to train than some other dog breeds.

Who Should Get a Lab?

Portrait of a yellow lab outdoors

Just about anyone who wants a medium-sized friendly dog that likes to please its master. There are no real boundaries here in this category as the Lab is gentle enough for just about anyone who loves dogs.

Plus, this breed can live just about anywhere its master lives making them a very flexible dog that fits in with any lifestyle.

Who Should Get a Wolf?

Pack of wolves outdoors with snow

The best fit for this animal would be single people who need protection. It is not a great dog/wolf for families as it is not a very friendly animal towards other members of the family, children or even strangers.

It doesn’t even like other pets. Plus, its owner should have a large yard as it is not very adaptable to smaller living quarters or spaces.

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