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Do Blue Heelers Shed a Lot?

Blue Heeler puppy laying in grass

When You Are the Best

The Blue Heeler is said to be the best herding dog breed you can find. Since they are the best, they feel they can get away with a lot of shedding when it is time to change coats.

Also known as the Australian cattle Dog, the Blue Heeler is very energetic. That loving energy is why they are so popular as family pets. However, they will shed a lot in your home throughout the year.

While there are dog breeds that do not shed a lot, the Blue Heeler is not one of those dog breeds. This is bad news for those dog-loving people who have allergies.

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Why Do Blue Heelers Shed?

Blue Heeler standing on a beach

This is not a dumb question since all dogs shed. It is a natural process all dogs endure but some dogs, like the Blue Heeler, shed more than others. The reason this dog breed sheds so much is that it does grow a double coat.

All herding dogs grow this double coat and depending on where they live, those coats can grow nice and thick. When it does, you have to clean up a lot of loose hair during shedding season.

Blue Heelers have a very thick double coat and when it is time to get rid of it, they have a lot of fur to shed. That may give you fits as you may have cleaned one spot one day only to come back the next to find it full of hair again.

But they won’t just shed twice a year during the traditional shedding seasons. These dogs can shed throughout the year as their coats adjust to the seasons and the weather.

How Much Do Blue Heelers Shed?

A blue heeler laying in sand with trees in the background

No one really knows the exact number of hairs they lose. They just know it is a lot of hair that comes off during shedding season. That is why they are classified as moderate to heavy shedders.

How much you will see throughout the year will depend on your dog, not the entire breed. Just count on the fact that you will see dog hairs when you do not want to almost any time of the year.

Your dog may not shed as much as your friend’s Blue Heeler and then again, it may shed more.

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How Often Do Blue Heelers Shed?

Blue heeler standing on a large rock next to a body of water

The number of times this dog breed will shed depends on different factors. Are they indoor or outdoor dogs? Neutered males or spayed females? The climate they live in and more.

Unspayed females generally shed after they have been in heat. A neutered male may only shed once a year. Some never stop shedding and do it every month of the year.

Some Final Words

Portrait of 2 blue heelers with autumn colors in the background

If you buy a Blue Heeler as your next pet, be prepared to face a lot of loose hair around the house. These dogs will shed a lot and you may never see the end of it.

The best thing to do is find good ways to control their shedding so you do not have as much to clean up around the house.

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