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Do Belgian Malinois Shed a Lot?

Belgian Malinois sitting in a grass field

It is a difficult name to pronounce. The Belgian part is easy to say, but the Malinois part may not be. People may not be able to say its name correctly, but they can spot a good dog when they see one. The Malinois is a good dog.

Unfortunately, they are like every other dog breed when it comes to shedding. They do shed and depending on the time of year, they can shed a little or a lot of hair.

Take a few moments to see how much this dog breed sheds each year.

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Does Belgian Malinois Shed a Lot?

This dog breed is classified as a medium shedder. That means that while it does grow a double coat, it will not shed as much fur as heavy shedders with the same two-coat system.

Like other two-coat dog breeds, they will shed in the Spring and the Fall. Those two times will have you seeing more fur around your home than any other time of the year.

The bad news is that they may shed smaller amounts of hair throughout the year and in between the two shedding seasons. That means you may never stop cleaning up after your dog. Their hair will be everywhere if you do not control it.

Are Malinois Hypoallergenic?

2 Belgian Malinois laying on a muddy trail in the ran

This is a good question as many people with allergies love dogs. Plus, they like the fact that this dog breed looks a lot like German Shepherds. But when it comes to shedding, this moderately shedding dog is not hypoallergenic.

They just shed too much hair to be given that classification. Unless you are willing to take allergy medicines or have shots to prevent being allergic to this dog, this is not the dog breed for you.

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What To Do If You Have Allergies and A Dog

Belgian Malinois laying on a couch

There are some simple common-sense things you can do to help you avoid triggering your allergies:

  • Avoid touching your face or eyes after being in contact with dogs.
  • Wash your hands with soap after touching canines.
  • Always use a heavy-duty vacuum.
  • Wash the bedding weekly.
  • Don’t sleep with your pet.
  • Don’t let your dogs in your bedroom.
  • Restrict dogs to specific rooms.
  • Whenever possible, brush and clean your dog outdoors.
  • Consult with your doctors about antihistamines or other medication

If you do not want to go through this routine, then look for a dog that is classified as hypoallergenic or is a low shedder.

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Some Final Words

Belgian Malinois laying in a grass field

The Belgian Malinois is a proud dog and one worth owning. But if you are allergic to dog hairs, then it is best to not buy one. But for everyone else, you can control that loose dog hair and have a great time with this dog breed.

Just take the right steps in controlling the loose hair so you do not have a lot to clean up each month. Brushing will help as will baths and a good diet.

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