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Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Shed a Lot?

Bernese Mountain dog laying in grass

An even-tempered dog breed, that characteristic is one of the reasons this dog breed has become more popular in the past 10 to 25 years. Its even temperament makes it an ideal family pet when you have small children around the house.

But that characteristic is often overshadowed by its soft, furry, and thick coat. That coat makes sure you have lots of fur to clean up every year. With that much fur, it needs a place to go, and that place is usually your floors.

Keep reading to see how much this dog breed sheds each year.

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Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Shed a Lot?

Bernese Mountain Dog laying on tile floors indoors

When you look at their faces, it is hard to think that a Bernese Mountain dog would make a mess of your home by shedding. It is such an innocent look that it is hard to comprehend how much they do shed.

But when you look at their coat, you understand why they leave a lot of dog hair lying about. A Bernese Mountain dog grows a double coat each year and when they do not need that extra fur, they will leave it where you do not want it to be.

You can expect to see more loose hair during the twice-a-year shedding seasons. One for the summer coat and one for the winter coat. Because their coat is so furry, you may see loose hairs in between both seasons as well.

That extra fur means they are heavy shedders and one of the heaviest shedding dog breeds you can have as a pet.

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Controlling That Shedding Fur

Bernese Mountain Dog being groomed

It is hard to control loose hair when there is so much of it to take care of. You can brush your dog frequently to help control it. But their large size may take the time you do not have.

Then you can try bathing your pet, but the Bernese Mountain dog does not need a bath more than once a month. During those bath times, you can use an anti-shed shampoo but be careful, some contain harsh chemicals that are not healthy for your pet.

Make sure to feed your dog a proper diet. Make it full of minerals and vitamins, not to mention healthy fatty acids. That way your dog’s coat will grow to be healthy and may not shed as much hair.

Also, watch out for those shedding triggers. Stress, skin conditions, as well as other ailments may cause your pet to shed more. It may be hard to tell by the amount of hair loss if your dog is sick, stressed out, or it’s a natural amount of fur. Check with your vet to make sure.

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Some Final Words

Bernese Mountain Dog laying on hardwood floors next to a dog comb on a pile of dog fur

Bernese Mountain dogs are a great dog breed to have in your home. It should scare away intruders just by its large size. That protective nature makes it worth dealing with all the shedding this dog does.

You may not be able to stop the shedding process, but you can adapt to it and control it.

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