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Do English Bulldogs Shed a Lot?

English Bulldog laying on a tile surface

As you know shedding is a natural process that you will never be free from experiencing. No matter the dog breed, there will always be some shedding taking place. For some dog breeds, this will be less than others.

But shedding does not diminish the value of your pet. It just comes with the territory. Whether English Bulldogs shed a lot or a little will be answered shortly. Keep reading to find out how much or how little they lose their fur.

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Do English Bulldogs Shed a Lot?

Portrait of an English Bulldog outdoors

This dog breed is known for its single-coat fur. That single coat does not make them more vulnerable to the elements, but it does mean you will not see as much loose hair lying about your home.

This dog breed is classified as a low-shedding animal and that is good news for those who like English Bulldogs or have allergies. They are not hypoallergenic but the few hairs they shed will not be a big allergy trigger.

Because they do not have a double coat, you will not see any heavy shedding twice a year. Generally, this dog breed sheds throughout the year and does not have that much fur at one time.

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Managing Your English Bulldog’s Shedding

English Bulldog puppy on a table

It is said that this dog breed has very sensitive skin. That tells you that you have to be careful when grooming your English Bulldog. You should only use those dog shampoos that are made for dogs.

Some people have suggested using oatmeal with a coconut oil bath to keep the dog’s bath time gentle and soothing. However, you should use an anti-germ shampoo made for dogs as Bulldogs carry a lot of germs in the folds of their skin.

Another way to manage your dog’s shedding will be the use of the right brush. Every dog’s loose fur is managed in the same way and each breed may not use all the brushes that are made for this task.

To properly brush your English Bulldog, you have a choice of a slicker brush, Furminator, bristle brush, shedding blade, and rubber gloves. The latter is a good option as your pet may enjoy having your hands rub all over them.

Then watch their diet and make sure your pet is getting the right nutrition. Bulldogs need a high-protein diet to make sure their coats grow healthy. Try to stay away from dog foods that contain artificial colors, sweeteners, and by-products.

Those ingredients will help your dog shed more, not control it.

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Some Final Words

Portrait of a Bulldog laying in grass

English Bulldogs are great pets as they can be very friendly and loyal. The great part is that they do not shed a lot. While you may find fallen hair around your home or apartment, there won’t be a large amount of it.

This single-coat dog does not have a winter coat it needs to get rid of it before the weather gets warm. That makes this dog breed a better pet to have around your home.

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