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Do Great Pyrenees Shed a Lot?

great Pyrenees laying on a bed

This is a majestic dog breed. Standing 32 inches high for the most part, this beautiful dog breed does look majestic. That majestic look comes from over 3000 years of breeding. The gentle giant personality makes them great dogs to have around.

This dog breed moves with a lot of grace, but that style of movement does not stop it from shedding. You can thank their thick dog fur for the amount of dog hair you have to clean up each shedding season.

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Does Great Pyrenees Shed a Lot?

To say a lot would be another understatement. This dog breed’s thick coat ensures that it will shed more than most other dog breeds. Plus, they are double coat dogs.

That means that during shedding season, you are going to see some heavy shedding from your treasured pet. Most of that loose hair may come from the neck, shoulders, and tail, where the fur is the thickest.

Unfortunately, this dog breed will shed a lot throughout the year as well. You can expect to find dog hair lying on your floors, furniture, and carpets outside of the two shedding seasons.

You know where your dog has been and is going by the long trail of falling hair they have left behind. If you want more bad news, the Great Pyrenees is one of the dog breeds that shed the most.

Even The Most Majestic Dogs

Close up of a Great Pyrenees Face

Being a top dog does not protect the Great Pyrenees from those triggers that cause a lot of shedding. They will suffer from a poor diet which will prevent them from growing a very strong and beautiful coat.

Plus, since they are big dogs, they eat more. That means they will be affected more if you give them cheap food. The cheap food lacks the nutritional value other top foods have.

Next, the Great Pyrenees will suffer from parasites like any other dog. Ticks, fleas, and other creatures can cause excessive hair loss outside of the shedding season. Taking precautions to fight off fleas, ticks and other parasites is one way to preserve your dog’s majestic look.

Also, Great Pyrenees can and will suffer from allergies. These ailments do not help good fur growth and you need to be careful of what you feed your dog.

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To Combat Shedding in Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees standing in the sunlight of a window with a person's hand on its back

The best defense you have is regular grooming. Brushing their coat several times a week is one way to stop those hairs from falling out in your home. A slicker brush may be the best tool to use in this case.

Brush your dog about twice a week using different tools to get those loose hairs.

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Some Final Words

Portrait of a Great Pyrenees outdoors

A majestic dog like the great Pyrenees will not be without some common problems. They are dogs and will suffer from the same ailments all dogs suffer from. Shedding is just one of those ailments you can’t stop.

The best thing to do is take the right steps to control that falling hair so your home remains clean.

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