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Do Border Collies Shed a Lot?

Border collie laying on a dog hair covered couch

Yes, Border collies shed a lot, especially during the spring and in the first stages of fall. Apart from that, they will lose an average amount of hair throughout the year. Border collies have a double coat which is the main reason for losing so much hair. Keep reading to know why Border Collies shed a lot and learn how you can manage their shedding.

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Why Border Collies Shed?

Border Collies shed more than a lot of other dogs, so it is important to understand the reasons behind their shedding before adopting one. This way you can find reasons for undue shedding. Moreover, it can also help you to figure out the strategies which can be used to reduce the effects of shedding in your home. Some of the potential causes are discussed below.


Border collie laying on a couch with its head on a pillow

Border Collies have a double coat. The exterior part of the double coat consists of the outer coat and the undercoat. They have either a smooth or a rough coat. A border collie with a rough coat has long hair while a smooth coat tends to have shorter hair. In some cases, no feathering is noted in a border collie with a smooth coat. Collies with longer undercoats tend to do excessive shedding. Collies with shorter hair may shed less but still, some shedding is expected.

Seasonal Shedding

Border collie laying in a winter landscape

Although Border Collies shed throughout the year, the rate increases significantly during spring and fall. During these two seasons, Collies naturally change their coats into new ones. This will help them regulate their body temperature in summer as well as winter. It is recommended to keep your brush ready in these two seasons to overcome heavy shedding.

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Medical Conditions

Border Collie laying on a Vet's exam table while someone in blue scrubs listens to it with a stethoscope

It is normal for this breed to shed a significant amount of hair. However, they can lose much more hair due to different medical conditions, like skin problems. If your Border Collie is shedding heavily (other than in shedding seasons), it’s recommended to visit your veterinarian. The signs of these issues include infestations, constant scratching, ugly rash, allergies, and licking their toes.

How to Manage Shedding for Border Collies?

Border Collie laying on a couch with a ball between it's feet

Shedding is a natural process for Border Collies. It is impossible to stop but can be managed or reduced to some level. The following methods can be useful to control your dog’s shedding.


Dog brush laying on a piece of wood

Brushing is the best strategy for controlling shedding. This will not only reduce the amount of hair that fills your home but can be considered a treat because the dogs of this breed love being brushed. Brushing can also help them to remove excess hair from their coat.

It can be used often during the start of summer or in spring and fall. But that does not mean that it cannot be needed in other seasons. Brushing needs to continue throughout the year as it will help your dog against infestations. There is a less noticeable level of shedding during these times. Pin Brush is the best brush for these dogs.

Premium Quality Food

Border collie eating from a metal dog bowl

Unhealthy food can be a good reason for excessive shedding. So, make sure to supply quality food for your dogs that can be easily digestible for them. You can use premium quality ingredients that can give protein, minerals, and vitamins to your dog. Hormone-free meat and healthy meals can reduce your dog’s shedding. Adding fatty acid supplements plays a significant role in reducing the excessive shedding of Border Collies.

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