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Do Golden Retrievers Shed a Lot?

Golden retriever laying on a couch

Yes, they do. These beautiful dogs shed moderately throughout the year but will lose a lot of hair in shedding seasons. However, several other reasons can trigger abnormal shedding in this breed. Keep reading to know why Golden Retrievers shed a lot and learn how you can manage their shedding.

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Why Golden Retrievers Shed?

Some major causes that encourage Golden Retrievers to shed excessively are discussed below.

Coat Type

Golden retriever laying with a pillow and blanket on a couch

Golden retrievers are equipped with a double coat which is composed of a thick, fleecy undercoat and a water-resistant outer coat. With this type of coat, Golden retrievers can easily survive different weather and spend lots of time outdoors and in the water. When it comes to shedding such a coat will become a double-edged sword as the fleecy undercoat sheds a lot of hair. But the undercoat can adapt to any weather and temperature.

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Seasonal Shedding

Golden retriever sitting in an icy winter landscape

As undercoats are adaptable to different temperatures, your golden dog will grow an added thick undercoat during the chilly months. This winter coat will then completely shed during the spring season. On the other hand, in the fall your dog will get rid of the lighter summer coat for the growth of a frigid winter coat. In general, Golden retrievers living in hotter places will shed more as they need less hair to stay warm.

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Health Problems

Golden retriever laying on a vet exam table being petted on the head by a person in blue scrubs with a stethoscope

If Golden retrievers are shedding heavier than normal, then it might be because of some health issues. They might have some sort of allergies which can cause excessive shedding as they irritate the skin of your dog and loosen the hair follicles. Loosen hair can fall out easily and quickly.

Parasites (like fleas and ticks) are also the main reason for your dog’s bad skin condition as they will bury themselves into your pup’s skin. This will develop irritation and the dog will start itching which will encourage the hair fall. Any type of stress can also increase shedding in Golden retrievers.

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How to Manage Shedding for Golden Retrievers?

Golden retriever being brushed

There are some measures that you can take to manage the amount of loose hair in Golden retrievers. But if the shedding is excessive because of medical reasons then it is recommended to visit a vet for treatment. The following are some important methods to reduce shedding in your retriever.


Blue handled dog brush on a pink background.

It is important to schedule a regular brushing for your golden dog as it will allow you to remove the lifeless hair from your dog before it falls or gets entangled in anything like carpet or furniture. It also helps in reducing any type of matting and tangles. If it’s not possible to groom your pup daily, make sure that you brush your Golden Retriever three times a week.

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High-Quality Diet

Golden retriever in a white kitchen eating from a metal dog food bowl on the floor

Healthy dog coats will shed less so every dog owner must feed a healthy and balanced diet to the dogs. Food having protein is quite useful for them as it will help to keep their hair healthy. Adding omega-3 oil supplements can supply strength and shine to your dog’s coat.

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Golden retriever getting a bath

Bathing is also a fantastic way to manage shedding in dogs. But regular shampoo baths are not good for Golden retrievers as they can dry your dog’s skin and lead to excessive shedding and skin problems. Always bathe your dogs with shampoo when they are dirty. Also, make sure to use a high-quality and anti-allergenic shampoo on their skin which is beneficial for the hair.

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