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Do Chihuahuas Shed a Lot?

2 long haired chihuahuas standing side by side outdoors

Although Chihuahuas do shed some hair, they don’t make a lot of mess around the house. This is because their small bodies don’t have a lot of hair, to begin with. However, certain factors can trigger these tiny pups to lose loads of hair. Keep reading to know why Chihuahuas shed a lot and learn how you can manage the shedding for them.

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Why Chihuahuas Shed?

The major reasons that can cause your Chihuahua to shed excessively are discussed below.

Skin Infections

Small black and chihuahua missing most of its hair due to skin infection

Parasitic infestations can often lead to infections that will cause your pup to lose hair in patches. The skin will become inflamed and your Chihuahua would scratch excessively to relieve the irritation.

However, fleas and mites are not the only culprits for skin infections. Harmful chemicals in shampoos can also harm the skin of your furry friend. Hence, it is highly recommended to consult your vet before choosing a product and go for a mild one.

Hormonal Diseases

Tan and white long haired chihuahua laying on hardwood floors

Chihuahuas are vulnerable to different diseases that are caused by hormonal imbalances. For example, Cushing’s disease is the result of the chronic overproduction of adrenal gland hormones. Similarly, Hypothyroidism is the result of decreased thyroid in the body. In both cases, your dog will have inflamed skin and will need veterinary care to resolve the underlying issue.


Brown and white chihuahua laying  on the corner of a bench

Chihuahuas are prone to separation anxiety and will lose plenty of hair when they are stressed. Likewise, they can feel anxious upon moving to a new place or when a new pet comes into the family. Therefore, it’s extremely important to ensure that your pooch is comfortable and happy to prevent excessive shedding.

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How to Manage Shedding for Chihuahuas?

The following are some methods to control the shedding rate of your Chihuahua.

Rule Out Medical Problems

Tan chihuahua being examined by a vet

The very first step is to visit your veterinarian for a detailed examination of your dog. The vet will check for all the potential causes including allergies, infections, and other diseases. If there’s any medical complication, he/she will suggest a suitable mode of treatment to counter abnormal hair fall. For example, an antibiotic might be prescribed to treat an infection.

Regular Grooming

Fawn long haired chihuahua being groomed

Brushing is the simplest (yet the most important) aspect of a dog’s grooming routine. It removes all the loose hair from your pet’s body and prevents the coat from tangling. Similarly, you must bathe your Chihuahua at least once every month to remove the extra dirt and dander. Just make sure that the shampoo you are using is safe for canines and won’t harm their skin.

You can also try Furminator to groom your Chihuahua and reduce shedding. This special tool collects the dead hair from your pup’s body and can be ideal when used in combination with a de-shedding shampoo.

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Use a De-shedding Spray

Generic clear spray bottle on a white surface

These products are specifically made for canines and are usually free from any harmful chemicals. Hence, they can be used without any worries and can prove quite beneficial to control shedding. These sprays offer dual benefits as they provide moisture to dry skin and strengthen the roots. As a result, you will notice a significant decrease in the amount of hair your Chihuahua sheds.

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