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Do Bulldogs Shed a Lot?

Brown and white bulldog riding a skateboard

They are not the prettiest dog breed, but they are still great dogs to have as a family pet. They are not tiny nor are they large. For some people, they are like the Goldilocks solution, just right. Their single coat is also just right for many owners as that means not as much hair to clean up.

Bulldogs will shed, and they will do it during shedding season. But proper care and grooming should help reduce what little hair these dogs do lose during the year. Of course, Bulldogs do not have that much hair to lose so you should not see a lot of hair on your floors unless your pet is sick.

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How Heavy Do Bulldogs Shed?

Portrait of a bulldog standing in grass

This is one of the good aspects of owning a nice Bulldog as a pet. They are not known to be heavy shedders. The American Bulldog will shed more than the English version and those are low to moderate-shedding dogs.

If you are wearing a light-colored shirt, you may see more hears on that shirt than you would if you were wearing a dark-colored shirt. You will not need to groom your English Bulldog as much as you would other dog breeds.

That means you will have less hair to clean up at any given time during the year.

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Why Does a Bulldog Shed?

Close up portrait of a white bulldog with brown spots, outdoors.

The reasons for this dog breed shedding are the same as it is for all other dog breeds. First, it is very natural as your dog replaces the lost dog hairs that have fallen off. You can’t escape this shedding time.

Second, your dog may have allergies that cause them to shed more than normal. Dogs can get allergies quite easily and you may need your vet to find out what your Bulldog is allergic to. It could be certain types of food.

Third, dogs suffer from stress and if your home situation is not great, then your dog will express its stress by shedding all over the place. Or it contracted a parasite that is helping it lose its fur.

Another source for heavier shedding than usual can be injuries. Dogs will shed while they are healing from different injuries. That may be because of the stress they feel when they cannot move like normal.

Reducing That Shedding

Close up of a white bulldog with multi colored spots outdoors with flowers in the background.

One of the best ways to reduce shedding would be to give your Bulldog a regular bath. This gets rid of loose hair in your tub or some other bath spot instead of your furniture.

Another way to control or reduce the amount of loose hair in your home is to brush your Bulldog often. While they are not big shedders, brushing can get rid of those loose hairs before they become a problem.

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Some Final Words

Brown and white bulldog sleeping on top of a human bed

When you do not want to deal with lots of dog hair all over the place, then you will want an English Bulldog as your family pet. They are great family dogs and they do not leave a lot of hair around your home.

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