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Do Pitbulls Shed a Lot?

Brown and white pit bull laying outdoors on a piece of wood

Understanding The Pit Bull

This is a unique breed as it is not the name of just one dog breed. The name actually refers to 4 different dog breeds within the same family. A Pitbull can be one of the following– the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and the American Bulldog.

When you read articles like this one, the term pit bull is used to describe all four of these breeds, not just the American pit bull you have grown to love or hate. They all have the same characteristics which makes it easy to include them all in one article.

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How Are Pit Bulls Shed Rated?

Portrait of a grey and white Pitbull against a blue background.

These are single-coat dogs that are rated as a low shedding animal. Being a single-coat dog breed, these Pitbulls do not shed as much hair or fur as the double-coat dogs will.

They may shed more than the low-shedding hypoallergenic dog breeds but they are not that bad when it comes to shedding. But their fur is described as fine so when the loose hairs drop to the floor, they may not be noticed right away.

Plus, you do not have to groom them as often to control their shedding. Once a month or so may be good enough to control those loose hairs and keep them off your couch or carpet.

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Why Do Pit Bulls Shed

White and black pit bull laying in grass

This set of dog breeds will shed fur naturally like all other dog breeds. They will shed their fur twice a year like many other dog breeds. Those two times may be the heaviest shedding you will see from this family of dogs.

However, these dogs will shed from a variety of unnatural influences that affect most dogs as well. Those unnatural times will have you going to your vet for medication and other treatments.

One of the causes of pit bulls shedding heavily will be skin issues. The sources for those skin issues are as follows:

  • Food allergies
  • Fleas or ticks
  • Dry skin due to bad shampoos
  • Poor diet
  • Allergens
  • Hormonal changes
  • Age
  • Skin cancer

The symptoms you will see are:

  • 1. Excess shedding
  • 2. Itchiness
  • 3. Chewing
  • 4. Excess biting
  • 5. Scooting
  • 6. Rashes
  • 7. Hives
  • 8. Skin lesions

When you see these symptoms, you should take your pit bull to your vet and see what is the matter.

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How Much Do Pit Bulls Shed?

Portrait of a young black and white pit bull terrier outdoors

They do not shed a lot of fur at any one given time unless they have one of the ailments listed above. They do light to moderate shedding except when it is shedding season.

One of the ways to help slow down this amount of hair loss is to make sure your pit bull gets plenty of exercises and eats right.

Some Final Words

Brown and white pit bull terrier outdoors

There may be 4 different dog breeds in this pit bull family, but they all shed about the same. They also suffer from the same ailments which may cause heavier shedding than normal.

Just make sure to let them exercise enough and feed them a complete nutritional meal each day and you should see less loose hair.

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