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Do Corgis Shed a Lot?

Corgi sitting on a red velvet chair trimmed in gold

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A Queen’s Dog Breed

You may not become royalty when you own a Corgi but at least you will have something in common with the late queen of England. Corgis are great dogs and have proven their worth over the decades.

However, they do have one drawback. They do like to shed but how much they shed depends on the specific species within their breed. It also will depend on their genetic makeup.

Keep reading to find out how much Corgis shed and if they are light, moderate, or heavy shedders.

They Have a Double Coat

Corgi peeking from under a white comforter

When your dog has a double coat, you know you are in for some hairy situations when it comes to keeping your house nice and clean. Being a double-coat dog means that the Corgi will shed more than other dogs will.

This dog breed is a daily shedder, and you need to learn how to do daily grooming or brushing to keep that shedding hair under control. On top of that schedule, Corgis will shed heavier in the Fall and Spring months.

Some people say the Summer and Winter months, but it is twice a year no matter which month they shed in. If you don’t want a dog that sheds a lot yet still wants to have a Corgi like the Queen, you can buy a Corgipoo.

These are light-shedding Corgi Poodle mixes. You get the benefits of the Corgi nature coupled with the low shedding habits of the Poodle. It is a nice mixture to have in the home.

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Where Do Corgis Fit on The Shedding Scale?

Corgi laying on a blanket with it's but facing the camera

Unfortunately, Corgis are classified as heavy-shedding dogs. That means you will face a lot of loose and unwanted hair at least twice a year. Those shedding seasons are the worse, but you may find loose hairs at other times of the year as well.

Also, they may shed more if they experience any triggers that will cause them to lose more hair. As a herding dog breed, they needed the extra coat to help them stay warm when getting the sheep, etc., back from the fields. They worked in the fields all year round.

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Why Do Corgis Shed

Portrait of a Corgi sitting outside

There are different reasons why shedding starts in a Corgi. One is that it is a natural process and shedding will happen at least twice a year Another reason would be medical issues.

A third reason would be a poor diet. The dog is not getting the nutrition it needs to develop strong healthy fur. A final reason would be stress. Dogs feel it as much as humans do and it causes their hair to fall out.

Some Final Words

Corgi laying on a blue/green colored couch.

You can’t stop a Corgi from shedding. But you can take the right steps to control that natural process. Bathing, brushing, supplements, and other tricks will help cut down on the hair you see around your home.

Corgis are not high maintenance except when it comes to shedding. Then the work really begins.

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