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Do French Bulldogs Bark?

French Bulldog with head laying between its paws

Although French Bulldogs are not aggressive barkers, they do ‘bark on purpose’. This means that they bark just to convey their message to their owner and would, otherwise, stay quiet.

However, ‘no barking’ doesn’t mean that Frenchies stay silent. They can make many ridiculous noises, like snuffles, growly ‘talking’, and excited yelping. Keep reading to know about the reasons that can make French bulldogs bark and the ways to stop their barking.

Why French Bulldogs Bark?

According to a general observation, French Bulldogs bark when they see a person at the door of their house. Likewise, your Frenchie may give a little warning when someone passes by the window. They do this to alert the rest of their pack (family they are living with). That’s not the only reason why French bulldogs bark and some other causes are listed below.

  • Isolation – Separation anxiety is a massive issue for this breed. They can quickly get scared and dejected when their owners leave them alone (even for a small duration). This can result in excessive barking, inappropriate elimination, destructive behavior, and attempts to escape.
  • Monotony – Lack of an interactive activity can cause boredom to Frenchies. Once they are bored, they look for other ways to satiate their mood and barking is one of the easiest alternatives to throw out the frustration.
  • Fear – Sudden and loud noises, like fireworks, thunderstorms, or something heavy dropping on the floor, can scare your French Bulldog. To overcome the fear, some dogs can retaliate by barking.  
  • Territorial Behavior – This feature is common in all breeds because dogs are naturally protective of their territory and people. Therefore, they bark to alert their family about the presence of an outsider.
  • Attention – Sociable family dogs, like French Bulldog, always need the attention of their owner. When these dogs are kept unattended, they get frustrated and start barking.
  • Anguish – When dogs are ill (or wounded) and in pain, they assert their bad health by barking and wailing. It is normal for canines to communicate in this way with their owners.

What Does a French Bulldog Bark Sound Like?

French bulldog sitting on autumn leaves barking with mouth half open on one side.

French Bulldogs have a really weird way of barking. When they bark, it doesn’t really sound like a typical yapping bark. These dogs don’t bark properly because they have a variety of other methods to communicate their message.

 In contrast to the high-pitched bark of Chihuahuas or Yorkies, these small dogs have a deep and gruff bark. Another marked difference between French Bulldogs and other small breeds is that they don’t bark non-stop. To conclude, we can say that a French Bulldog’s bark is almost like a mixture of bark and growl.     

How to Train My French Bulldog to Stop Barking?

Black french bulldog on a leash in grass standing next to persons legs

The training to stop a dog’s barking is dependent on the situation in which he/she barks. Most people appreciate barking when their dog barks on seeing a stranger at their property. Barking is considered a positive reaction in these scenarios. However, if your Frenchie tends to bark excessively due to frustration and boredom, he/she does need training. Even if your pup is barking for guarding purposes, it should be controlled.

Training your Frenchie will require some manipulation. For example, you may need to invest in a dog walker who can keep your pooch busy. Likewise, you will need a lot of treats to ensure a smooth flow during the training

When you are ready to train your dog, make sure that he/she is barking, but is not furious or excited. Once you are confident about your pup’s mood, follow the mentioned steps to train him/her.

  • Call your dog by name and utter the ‘quiet’ command in a clear and loud tone.
  • This might stop the barking as your dog will turn his/her focus towards you.
  • Now, show and give your dog a treat for the silence, even if it is temporary.
  • If your dog keeps barking, lure him/her by waving the treat under his nose. Wait for him/her to go quiet and then reward him with a treat and some words of praise.
  • Keep practicing until your dog seizes barking and focuses all his/her attention towards you, whenever you say the ‘quiet’ command.
  • When your dog is responding well to your instructions (eventually), increase the distance from which the command is given. Also, let your dog wait for a longer duration (of silence) before offering him/her the treat.
  • Eventually, eliminate the provision of treats and simply praise your dog for exhibiting the required behavior.

Tips to Reduce the Barking of French Bulldogs

Black and white picture of a French Bulldog sitting in a field

The following set of guidelines can help you to reduce the barking of a French Bulldog.

Divert the Excess Energy

It is important to keep your dog indulged in sports and other games to keep him/her occupied. Not only will it divert his/her energy towards something positive, but it can also help in scaling down boredom and frustration. Therefore, the problem of excessive barking can be minimized.

Ignore the False Behavior

Dogs try to steal their owner’s attention by barking. If you fall into the trap and give them what they want (attention), attention-seeking barking will become a habit. Yelling at a Frenchie to stop him/her from barking is also a form of attention and will worsen the situation. Hence, ignoring your pup is the best punishment for negative barking.

Eliminate Fears 

Try to remove all the fears from your dog’s mind that tempt him/her to bark. For example, if your canine companion gets startled by listening to loud voices, play those sounds in front of your dog. Start by keeping the volume low and increase it gradually for a smooth experience. This is an excellent way of desensitizing your dog.

Keep your Dog’s Health in Check

Health issues can make any dog touchy and barky. Therefore, it’s important to take complete care of your dog’s health if he/she is sick.

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