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Help! My Dog Barks at the Doorbell

Chihuahua standing on hard wood floor barking

Barking at the doorbell is one of the most irritating habits of domestic dogs. It’s extremely important to control this negative behavior in the beginning because it is considerably difficult to un-train a canine. Read on to know about the reason(s) why your dog barks at the doorbell and how you can solve this problem.

Why Dogs Bark at the Doorbell?

Identifying the exact cause of barking (at the doorbell) is always the first step to curb this behavior. According to Rover,  the following reasons can make your dog bark at the doorbell.

Fear of Loud Voices or Stress

The sudden ding-dong of the doorbell alarms your canine companion about the existence of a potential threat. Likewise, dogs can also get scared from the loud sound of the doorbell. Some canines that are generally afraid of loud noises can get seriously disturbed by this sound. Some common gestures of dogs that indicate fear are as follows.

  • Pulling the ears back
  • Lowering the tail between the legs
  • Shaking
  • Pacing
  • Spinning
  • Lowering or turning away the head


Some dogs tend to bark at the doorbell because they are very keen to welcome the visitor. This excitement to greet the guests can be reflected by the following signs of your furry companion.

  • The dog runs straight towards the door whenever the doorbell rings.
  • Your pup shows happiness through rapid wagging of tail and hip.
  • The dog starts running happily between the owner and the door.
  • The dog is panting in between the barks.

What Can I Do If My Dog Barks at the Doorbell?

Round doorbell that says "Press" on a red backgroun

If your dog barks at the doorbell, properly-planned training is needed to keep him/her quiet and calm. Wiki How explains several solutions (including trainings) that can help you to stop your dog from barking at the doorbell. For instance, this goal can be achieved by consistent lessons (for 1-2 weeks) of different training sessions. Some other useful ways to stop your dog barks at the doorbell are discussed below.

Provide the Obedience Training

It is extremely important training for every dog owner because it allows you to interact with your furry friend. Obedience training helps canines to understand the basic commands, like sit, stand, or stay. Building on this foundation, you can easily teach your dog to stop barking on your command.

Use a Verbal Command to Stop Barking

This type of training is quite useful if your dog starts barking whenever the doorbell rings. Providing noise training to your pup is a common method of teaching such a command. In this training, we use a verbal command (or some kind of sound) to stop the barks.

Start the training by saying the word “stop” as soon as the dog starts barking. A treat would be a  massive morale booster for your dog whenever he/she follows your commands. Consistent practice of few weeks will resolve the problem of inappropriate barking.

If a trained dog starts barking at the sound of the doorbell, simply use the taught command to stop him/her. Verbal commands may vary as per the choice of the owners. For example, the words “quiet” and “NO” are also used to stop barking.

Acknowledge Your Dog’s Barking

dog with shaggy beard hair peaking around open door

Sometimes, dogs bark at the doorbell only to alert you that someone is outside the door. Whether they are caused by nervousness or excitement, the main purpose of these barks is to notify you. In these situations, you simply need to acknowledge your dog’s barking by saying some specific words, like thanks or okay. This will make him/her calm and he/she will stop barking.

Get Your Dog Familiar with the Doorbell

Regular exposure to the noise of the doorbell makes your dog less reactive to it. In fact, this is an incredibly effective way to reduce or stop the barking at the doorbell. Make this training a part of your routine and repeat it for a few weeks to train your pup. Once your dog gets used to the sound of the doorbell, he/she will stop reacting to it.

Distract Your Dog

Distraction is an excellent tool to control the bad habits of your pooch. If your dog barks continuously at the doorbell, consider the option of assigning him/her another task whenever you are expecting guests. For example, make your pup with his/her toys so that he/she forgets about the doorbell. Likewise, any kind of surprise or treat can also get the job done.

Develop a Rigorous Exercise Routine

A hectic day at work can also control doorbell barking by minimizing the level of excitement of your dog. Therefore, it’s very important to offer plenty of exercise to your pup, especially when you are expecting visitors.

The exercise requirements of dogs vary from one breed to another and you have to adapt accordingly. For example, an overly active dog will require about 120 minutes of exercise while a docile canine will be fine with a 30-minute session. This natural exertion assists in keeping your dog quiet and calm.

Take Your Dog to the Vet

Jack Russell Terrier licking vet in the face on a white background

If you own a sensitive dog, who gets frightened every time the doorbell is rung, it’s highly recommended to consult your vet. In extreme cases, the canines may even show signs of aggression, along with excessive barking.

If you have tried all the mentioned trainings (and other solutions) and failed, an accredited behaviorist may also be needed. You can ask your vet for a reliable professional who can take care of your dog.

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