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Do Poodles Shed a Lot?

Poodle laying on a white bed

Many people do not like poodles. Whatever reason they may have, these people just do not like Poodles. They are great dogs, and the breed comes in 3 sizes so everyone can get a size they like. Plus, they are cute.

One of those reasons why they do not like Poodles cannot be shedding. This is a dog breed that is classified as a low shedder. That characteristic should make those people who do not like Poodles love them a bit more.

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Are Poodles Hypoallergenic?

This is their reputation. Being classified as low shedders has brought along the rumor that Poodles are hypoallergenic. The only reason this rumor got attached to Poodles is that they do not shed a lot of fur or create a lot of dander.

This situation is ideal for those people who love dogs yet are allergic to their fur. Poodles will be a good pet for those who have allergies as the person does not have to deal with a lot of loose fur throughout the year.

Plus, that low amount of hair loss is easier to clean up and get out of the way. You can have the room clean in time before your dog allergy family member comes home from school or work.

Why Do Poodles Shed Less Hair?

Grey poodle being brushed at a groomers

There are a couple of good reasons why you see less hair loss with poodles than with other dog breeds. The first reason is that this dog breed, all three sizes, are a single-coat dog. They do not have to get rid of the thick winter coat in the Spring or the summer coat in the Fall.

Another reason would be that the Poodle has thin, tight, curly hair and those loose hairs may not fall off as easily as other dog coats can. Having curls is a good thing in this case.

A third and final reason is that the Poodle, on average, is a very small dog. They have less fur to lose than larger dogs. Their bodies do not hold as much fur as a Golden retriever or other long hair large dogs.

What that means is with less hair to fall out, you will see less of it throughout the year and in shedding season.

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How Much Fur Does a Low-Shedding Dog Lose?

Small poodle being brushed

There is no exact figure. Each dog is different, and no one is going to sit there each day counting all the falling dog hairs they can find. If anyone gives a number, it is more of a guess than an actual fact.

A low-shedding dog will not produce the same amount of hair that a moderate and heavy-shedding dog will produce. The exact numbers will never be known.

Some Final Words

Brown poodle laying on a person's lap

Whether you like or dislike a Poodle, you have to like the fact that they do not shed a lot of their fur. They can be very clean dogs that won’t mess up your home any time soon. Plus, a good bath and a brush should take care of those loose hairs quickly.

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