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Do Pomeranians Shed a Lot?

Pomeranian sitting on a tan couch next to some presents wrapped in white paper

Not A Great Pet If You Have Allergies

Pomeranians are known for having a very beautiful, thick coat. Plus, they are also known as being about the greatest lap dog you can own. It is two beautiful features rolled up into one dog breed.

But the Pomeranian is not without its drawbacks. One of those drawbacks has to do with its shedding. You can’t have such beautiful fur without losing and replacing lost hair at some point in time.

Pomeranians will shed their hair even though they are a very small dog breed. Just how much is not known until you start cleaning up after them.

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Why Pomeranians Shed

Pomeranian laying on top of and under an orange blanket

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It Is Their Thick Coat

This dog breed is one of about 8o that grows a double coat. This dog breed needed a double coat as it was born and bred in Germany where winters can get quite cold.

When the weather gets warmer, this dog breed does not need the thick coat, so they shed it. Spring and fall are the usual times you will find thick Pomeranian hairs lying all over the place in your home.

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It Is the Seasons

Pomeranian running on an autumn trail

Pomeranians will shed their coats twice a year. Once in the fall when they have to make room for their winter coat, they will start shedding their lighter summer coat.

Then in the Spring, they will shed their nice warm winter coat to make room for that lighter summer coat. This is a yearly exercise, and you will grow tired of cleaning up after them

If you are allergic to dog hair, the Pomeranian is not the dog breed for you.

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Normal Dog Reasons

Pomeranian laying on wood plank floor

The Pomeranian may be a small dog breed, but it is not immune from those ailments that cause other dogs to shed. They will suffer from injuries, illness, allergies, and even stress.

All of these factors will help your little dog get rid of its beautiful coat. The problem is you may not see it right away as those seasonal sheddings are quite heavy as well.

Also, a bad diet will contribute to extraordinary shedding at different times of the year.

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How Much Do Pomeranians Shed?

Pomeranian laying on a white tile floor

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This dog breed is in the top 31 of heavy shedders. This dog breed can hold its own against the likes of Chow Chows, Golden retrievers, Huskies, and many more heavy-shedding dog breeds.

Regular grooming is the best way to keep that heavy shedding under control. Plus, that regular grooming will help keep your little dog’s fur in top shape as well as keep it healthy.

Some Final Words

Close up of a Pomeranian on a white couch

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If you are allergic to dog hair, then you should think about getting a different dog breed as a pet. Pomeranians know how to shed well, and they do a great job of it.

Your allergies will not stand a chance against this heavy-shedding dog breed. But they are great pets to own and make sure you have wonderful companionship. Don’t give them up because they shed a little too much.

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