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English Lab Vs American Lab Size

a picture of a chocolate lab and a yellow lab meeting in the middle on the diagonal with VS in the middle and a title on the bottom that reads "English Lab vs American Lab Size"

Two Beautiful Dog Breeds

That is what you get when you buy an American or an English Labrador. They are very beautiful in both appearance and personality, which makes them excellent candidates for keeping as pets. Despite the fact that they are both of the same breeds, these two dogs do not share every characteristic in common.

They are distinct from one another due to a number of factors, including size, which distinguishes them from one another. Continue reading this article to learn more about the difference in size between the two of them. It provides the information you want to know about so that you can choose the dog that will do the best in your home environment.

How Big Do English Labs Get?

Close up portrait of a chocolate lab

This version of the Labrador breed is the smaller version of the two. While it does seem like the male and female are the same sizes as the American version there is a slight difference in height.

The average height of an adult English Lab is between 21.5 and 22.5 inches. When compared to the male, the female will typically be the smaller of the two. Depending on one’s diet, level of physical activity, and various other forms of medical treatment, there might be some instances in which this rule is broken, but those instances are likely to be the exception rather than the rule.

Additionally, the female will be the lighter of the two genders, which will help them to differentiate themselves visually from their male counterparts. The weight of individuals of either of these genders falls anywhere between sixty and eighty pounds.

This dog’s temperament and the characteristics that make up their personality make them very affable and social. They enjoy the attention that they receive from their masters and may make a few noises when they feel as though they are being neglected.

How Big Do American Labs Get?

Side view of a chocolate lab in front of a garden of yellow flowers

The American Labrador variation is the larger of the two dog choices due to its greater height. They typically begin at a height of 21.5 inches, similar to that of their English counterparts, but they have the potential to reach a height of 24.5 inches.

This height advantage might not work in their favor when it comes to showing, but that’s okay because the American version of the breed is more of a working dog than anything else. Both kinds are considered to be medium-sized dogs due to their average weight, which falls somewhere between 60 and 90 pounds.

The American variant, despite being larger in stature and carrying more weight than its English counterpart, possesses the same qualities of character and personality as its English relatives. They make wonderful pets and appear to be able to tolerate the rough treatment that children can dish out without resorting to aggressive behavior.

They have the same perspective as the English lab regarding the attention that comes with ownership, and they are just as affable and welcoming as the English lab.

Other Differences Between English and American Labs

Yellow Lab and chocolate lab laying side by side in grass

These two varieties of the same breed of dog can be quite distinct from one another, despite the fact that they are both dogs. The English variety is more of a show dog, so it has a more compact body, a shorter neck, and a more diminutive head than the original.

The American variant is more of a working dog that is enthusiastic about going hunting and spending time on the water with its owner, who is a fisherman. Their jaws have been well trained so that they do not close too forcefully on the game that they retrieve, thereby preserving the best possible condition of the dead animal for their masters when they hand it back to them.

The colors will be yet another point of differentiation. In spite of the fact that the yellow, brown, and black coat colors are present in both versions, the English version may contain a few dogs with a silver color. This occurs very infrequently, but it does take place occasionally.

In addition, the American version has a color that is rarely seen and only appears occasionally. The color is known as fox red. It is up to the breeder or the kennel clubs to decide whether or not the presence of these uncommon colors confers an increased value on the dogs.

These aspects are the most notable distinctions between the two canines. They are more similar to one another than they are different. Both of them are very active and require a great deal of physical activity in order to avoid becoming bored and destructive.

In addition to this, as they get older, they both struggle with the same health problems. An excessive amount of exercise can cause damage to their joints and hips, which can make life a little bit more uncomfortable for them.

Some Final Words

Portrait of a chocolate lab sitting on a sidewalk outdoors in nature.

When it comes to size, English and American Labs fall somewhere in the middle of the pack. They are very sociable dogs that take great pride in providing joy to their owners. In addition to this, they have a high level of intelligence and are simple to instruct.

The most important thing to remember about keeping them as pets is to provide the appropriate level of care for them and to never let them roam free. When both are off their leashes and not confined by anything, such as fencing, they have a propensity to chase after smaller animals.

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