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How Do Chihuahuas Die?

Chihuahua on a dog bed in front of a window

You never want to think about it,but it does and will happen. Your beloved pet will get old, sick, and eventually, die. It is not a happy thought to think about, but it is reality. The best advice that can be given at these times is to make sure you enjoy your pet while they are here.

The key to keeping your pet alive longer is to make sure they eat right and get plenty of exercises. Just like you need to do every day. To learn more about this topic, just continue reading.

What Happens to Chihuahuas When They Get Old?

One of the first signs your Chihuahua is getting gold is that they will slow down. They will not be as active before, and they may not eat as much. But they may still be stubborn.

You will see different things take place. For example, your dog may get cancer or heart disease. When they get old or have those diseases you will see them having difficulty breathing.

Or they may be a little more lethargic, their gums may get pale, or they will vomit more. Other signs may be difficulty in walking, urinating or they are feeling a lot of pain.

When you suspect that your dog is getting old, take them to a vet to see what is going on and what can be done. Then follow their advice and make sure your dog is comfortable.

Dogs are just like people. Their behavior changes as they get older, and things cannot be done the same or as quickly anymore.

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How Long Do Most Chihuahuas Live?

Black and grey chihuahua walking down a side walk

Barring an accident that can happen at any age and is the 3rd leading cause of a Chihuahua’s death, this breed of dog is usually capable of living between 15 and 18 years.

But this is also the ideal and not every Chihuahua makes it that long. The reason for that is accidents, heart disease, and cancer can happen at any stage of their lives.

The way to help your dog live longer is to make sure they get plenty of exercises. This dog breed only needs up to 30 minutes of walking a day. The more active your pet is the less likely they are to get sick.

Another way is to make sure they eat right. You will want to feed them a very balanced nutritious meal every day. Just like you want for your kids. A healthy diet helps keep illness away from your pet.

A third way to help your pet live longer would be to make sure they get regular check-ups. Making sure they are healthy or catching ailments in their early stages can help stop those ailments from harming your pet.

There is no guarantee that doing this will keep your pet alive as even if you do these things, they do not stop accidents from taking place.

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Do Chihuahuas Get Sick Easily?

Person holding a chihuahua's head, wrinkling the skin up around their ears

The answer to that question is that they are no more vulnerable to illness and disease than any other dog breed. They may be small, but they are strong. They also have big hearts which is another plus in their favor.

But when they get sick, they will fall victim to the same diseases that plague all dog breeds. Here are some of those illnesses:

1. Dental Disease- This doesn’t just affect their teeth and cause them to fall out. It can affect their heart, liver, kidneys, and more.

2. Canine Distemper- This is transmitted from one dog to another so make sure your pet gets those shots.

3. Hypoglycemia- This is a low blood sugar ratio, and it can cause problems with the nervous system and rarely cause a coma.

4. Cancer- You may be able to tell your pet has this disease when it is lethargic, seems to be in pain all the time, and drinks lots of water.

5. Kidney Disease- This is an inherited disease. If there is a bad gene somewhere in the ancestry it can make it down to your pet and cause this disease.

6. Heart Disease- This breed suffers from this disease probably more than any other dog breed. Eating right helps but won’t totally stop this disease from forming.

Some Final Words

Close up of the face of a chihuahua with a tear in its eye

It is never a good time when your beloved pet dies. But it is a fact of life we all must face at some point. The best thing to do is make sure your pet is well taken care of and that you spend quality time with him or her.

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