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How to Train Chihuahuas Not to Bite

White chihuahua on a leash growling

They have small dog syndrome. While chihuahuas are not the smallest dog in the world, they, are small and suffer from this syndrome. They need to prove their toughness and courage and sometimes those actions are done through biting.

However, it may be possible to train your cute chihuahua not to bite if you are patient enough. Training just takes time if you do it right and gently, after all, they are small dogs.

Start by keeping your pet away from other dogs and cats. If your chihuahua does encounter another animal, try to distract it by throwing a toy or offering food. If the other animal continues to approach, use loud noises or sudden movements to scare it away. If that doesn’t work, try lifting up objects off the ground to make yourself appear larger. If all else fails, contact a trainer or animal rescue organization for help.

Keep reading to find out the reasons why they bite and how to work that aggression out of their systems.

Why Do Chihuahuas Bite Their Owners?

There are numerous reasons why a chihuahua starts biting their owners. It is nothing personal in most cases. There is just something wrong and the dog needs your special care. Here are the main reasons why your chihuahua bites you:

1. They Feel Threatened– For some reason you scare them and so they decide to protect themselves in the best way that they can

2. You or A Family Member Provoke Your Pet– This happens all the time. The teasing may be fun for you, but it is not fun for your dog.

3. Defending Its Territory– Chihuahuas are very territorial and they will defend their space to death if they have to.

4. Stress & Fear– Being left home alone can cause both emotions to rise in your pet and they bite when you return home. They may also bite when they hear fireworks, etc.

Close up of a long haired chihuahua with its head laying on its front paws

5. A Lack of Attention– They bite you because your pet feels you are ignoring it and they want to let you know that they need you.

6. Pain or Illness– When chihuahuas are in pain or are sick, they may bite because they feel a lot of discomfort. They may need medication to help them calm down.

7. Inadequate Training– It happens because some owners are too busy to properly train their chihuahua. They need to be desensitized a bit before they stop biting.

8. A Lack of Socialization– They are not given enough time to socialize with other dogs or humans. So that fear factor raises its ugly head, and your dog starts to bite.

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short haired fawn colored chihuahua with a very short snout growling

9. Bad Genes– This is a common problem as every dog is not bred properly. Aggressive natures can be a part of chihuahuas as well as Dobermans.

10. Hormones– Female dogs may bite when they are in heat. Or male dogs just may not be getting enough sexual activity to keep them calm.

11. Past Trauma– If your pet came from another owner, how they were treated by that previous owner will have them biting due to the trauma the dog endured.

Can Your Train Aggression Out of a Chihuahua?

Black and tan chihuahua with an underbite growling

Not every reason behind your Chihuahua’s biting can be trained out of them. There will be some that you just have to put up with. But you can train your dog to not bite by following some of these simple methods:

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Give Them More Attention

You can play with them or provide them with some toys that keep them from being bored. Make sure to give your dog enough attention so that they do not lash out at you when you arrive home after leaving alone for hours.

Provide Lots of Socialization Opportunities

This training should begin the day you bring your new dog home. If you have other pets at home, make sure they get used to the new family member. This will help stop the biting.

Just Say No

It can work for dogs as long as you add a little reinforcement to your words. When he or she bites, say no firmly, then put it down or somewhere away from you and ignore them for a little bit.

Hold It Up High

This option may be a bit difficult at times but if you hold it above your head till they calm down, then they should get the message. That is after you set it down and walk away from them.

Put it on its back- this is a nice method that sends the message. Turn your dog over on its back and hold it till they calm down. When it does calm down, just let it go.

Some Final Words

white short haired chihuahua on a person's lap, growling at the hand attempting to pet it

Training your chihuahua to stop biting will take patients as some dogs are slow to get the message. However, if you take your time, and be gentle but firm, then your new pet should calm down and act normally again.

The key is to be consistent in your training, so your pet learns quicker.

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