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How Do You Know if a Toy Poodle is Pregnant?

2 toy poodle puppies on a white background

An ultrasound is the best possible way to determine whether your toy poodle is pregnant or not. However, some other methods, like hormone tests, can also be used for this purpose. Your dog will also show several symptoms to indicate conception, but they may take a while to appear. Keep reading to know about the common signs of pregnancy in toy poodles and learn how to take care of them.

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How Many Days are Toy Poodles Pregnant?

Most dogs stay pregnant for about 63 days before giving birth to puppies. However, smaller breeds, like toy poodles, can end their pregnancy a little earlier. According to Spirit Dog Training, miniature and toy poodles can give birth in 56-59 days. Similarly, small doodle breeds, such as mini Goldendoodle, also tend to follow this timeline.

Common Signs of Pregnancy in Toy Poodles

The following are some of the most obvious symptoms that indicate your toy poodle is pregnant.

Diet Variations

Kibble in an orange bowl spilling over onto a white background with 2 dog bones laying next to it.

The dietary preferences of a pregnant toy will change as the period progresses. During the early days, your pooch won’t be interested in eating because of morning sickness. This lack of intent and vomiting is a massive indication that your toy poodle is pregnant.

Later on, your canine friend will demand some extra food. They won’t feel satisfied with their usual meals and you may have to make some adjustments. It’s highly recommended to consult with your vet to come up with a balanced plan.

Weight Gain

Brown toy poodles sitting on a bed

This is probably the clearest sign of a toy poodle that is pregnant. The size of your pup’s abdomen will start increasing and you will notice a sudden weight gain. Some medical reasons can also be responsible for this change so it’s better to get your canine friend checked by a vet. This will clarify any doubts and tell you about the pregnancy of your toy poodle.


White toy poodle laying in a blue dog bed

A pregnant toy poodle will start collecting toys and other stuff from around the house to create a nest. This is the mother’s instinct to create a safe environment for her pups. You will also notice aggression and frustration in the behavior of your female poodle. Therefore, it’s recommended to keep pregnant dogs away from young children because they can cause serious injuries to them.   

Lack of Activity

Apricot colored toy poodle laying on a blue dog bed

If your active dog has suddenly become less interested in physical exertion, pregnancy could be responsible. This is because they get exhausted quickly and won’t feel like running around. Contrastingly, this sign is difficult to notice among docile canines that like to lie down all day. You won’t be able to notice any change in their energy and you will have to rely on other symptoms.

Enlarged Nipples

Pregnancy causes an increase in the size of your dog’s nipples. Inverted nipples will also become visible and this is a massive indication for novice owners. The blood flow in the nipples will also increase that will cause them to become dark red. This discoloration and change in size is the preparation for giving birth to new puppies.

How to Take Care of a Pregnant Toy Poodle?

Close up of the face of a toy poodle

Once it’s confirmed that your dog is pregnant, you should try your best to keep things as comfortable as possible. Start by offering them regular care and make the home ready for your new puppies. This will keep your pooch happy and the process will become easier for them. Here are some ways in which you can take care of your pregnant toy poodle.

Provide Regular Exercise

Brown toy poodle with a tennis ball in its mouth running through grass

Physical activity and mental stimulation are necessary for every dog, even if she is pregnant. However, you should avoid intense drills and stick to moderate exercise. A daily walk and playing a low-intensity game are some of the most suitable alternatives for pregnant walks.

This is because they provide an opportunity to bond with your dogs and keep them healthy. These exercises will allow your pooch to stay in shape and maintain its muscle mass. It will help them during the pregnancy (as well as labor).  

Ensure Good Nutrition

Variety of nutritional foods on a wooden table

The appetite of a pregnant toy poodle will increase and you may need to feed them extra meals. In most cases, this change is observed around the 4thor 5th week of pregnancy. The nutritional requirements of a pup are increased and she will demand more food. However, your focus should be to offer a balanced diet with all the necessary nutrients.

It is highly recommended to use high-quality dog foods because they have a balanced formula. Alternatively, you can consult your vet to come up with an effective diet plan. Make sure that you are providing enough protein because a pregnant toy poodle will need an extra dose. It will help them keep the muscle mass and will make their body ready for labor.

Avoid Calcium Supplements

Calcium pills spilling from a pill bottle

Some owners tend to give supplements to their pregnant poodles for providing extra calcium. This is not a good idea and you must always consult your veterinarian before feeding something new. If your vet feels that your pup is deficient in any mineral, you can include them in her diet.

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