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How to Buy a Toy Poodle?

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Toy poodles make great companion dogs for those who want an intellectual and agile dog with cute looks. They are very affectionate to their family and have the charisma to be the center of attention. Their small size and calm nature make them great as lapdogs. Keep reading to get all the information that you may need to buy a toy poodle.

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How to Select a Toy Poodle?

Once you have made up your mind to buy a toy Poodle, take adequate time in educating yourself. Whether you get your poodle through the breeder or a rescue, you need to follow these basic guidelines to choose the right dog for you.

Find the Right Breeder

Tiny newborn poodle puppy laying on a blanket

There are many reputable breeders at different places. It may take a while to choose the breeder who suits you. For instance, you can sift out the list of breeders furnished by Poodle Club of America and American Kennel Club, or you can hunt over Google to find online options. Beware of scams as many puppy mills pretend to be reputable breeders on Google. Meanwhile, you must be aware of signs of a good breeder which are as follows:

  1. Good breeder always entertains your inquiries.
  2. He will have a lot of questions for you as well to match you with the right puppy.
  3. A good breeder will always provide you with documents proving that the puppy’s parents were healthy. He might ask you to sign a few declaration forms before handing over the puppy to you.

Contrary to this, a bad breeder is more desperate about your payment method and how quickly you can buy the dog. He won’t be able to answer your questions and can’t provide you with the necessary documents.

Observe the Hygiene of the Breeding Center

Small, brown, poodle puppy lying on a white blanket

The cleanliness of the breeding center has a great impact on the health of the puppy. You must ensure that the Poodles are kept in a clean place. If the floor is covered with droppings, dirt, and other debris, then it can’t be considered a good environment.

Furthermore, the food that has been fed to pups should be of high quality. Similarly, the method of feeding should be immaculate. The center that ticks all these boxes should be preferred.

Inquire about the Health of Parents

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It should be your priority to know about the health of poodle parents. Push the breeder to show you the attested certificates about screening tests they put the parents through. Several health issues can affect a Poodle and the chances of these diseases are increased if the parents were affected.

Observe the Nature of the Dog

Make sure that the poodle you chose is young and sprightly. The health of a puppy strongly depends on the health of the litter to which he belongs. If there is even a single ill pup in the litter, then you shouldn’t choose any pup from it. This is because there is a probability of other pups getting ill as well.

Visit the Poodle Several Times Before Selection

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It is advisable to visit and observe the Poodle that you chose. You should have one-on-one iteration with him and observe his behavior with other dogs. The toy poodle shouldn’t be aggressive or stubborn as it becomes hard to train. If you find any behavioral flaws in the pup, you should reconsider your choice.

Important Characteristics of Toy Poodles

Let’s discuss the features of toy poodles and see whether this breed suits your family or not.


Different stages of a poodle puppy on a white background.

Toy poodles are smaller than miniature poodles, but a little bigger than teacup poodles. A teacup Poodle stands around 6-8 inches tall while Toy Poodle can get up to 10 inches tall. Similarly, teacup poodles weigh around 2-5 lbs. while toy poodles get 6-9 lbs.


The looks of toy poodles are very much like its other poodle cousins. These dogs have a lean and square proportion body completely covered with fur. They are not as ideal for agility tasks as a standard or miniature Poodle. The coat is very similar to other cousins i.e., curly, and rough and it comes only in solid colors.


Human hands holding a poodles face in their hands

Toy poodles have a sweet and serene demeanor. They are soft-centered and always tend to please their owner. They obey the commands promptly and are easy to train. Despite their small size, these dogs are still very agile and active. However, toy poodles are prone susceptible to fear-based aggression. They require a lot of interaction with their pack to feel that they aren’t alone.

Exercise Needs

Toy Poodles aren’t as energetic as their bigger cousins. They require a moderate amount of exercise. AKC recommends 1 hour of daily work out preferably split into 2 or 3 segments i.e., 2×30 minutes or 3×20 minutes. They’ll love a rousing game of fetch or a hearty walk. As toy poodles are very intelligent, they require plenty of mental stimulation in form of dog puzzles or other brainy games.

Health Issues

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Toy Poodles suffer from several health issues, like hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, cataracts, epilepsy, Addison’s disease, thyroid issues, hypoglycemia, bloat, and collapsed trachea.

They are also susceptible to bacterial and viral infections, like parvo, rabies, and distemper. These infections can be easily dealt with by vaccination. Furthermore, handling them roughly can cause sore muscles and joints. For the same reason, using a leash with these dogs is also risky.


Toy poodles live a considerably long life of 12-15 years if provide with proper diet and medication.

Who Should Buy a Toy Poodle?

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Toy Poodles are a great option for those who are looking for a loving and cuddly lapdog. Their moderate exercise needs and friendly nature allows them to become good therapy dogs for senior citizens. Moreover, they don’t occupy much space and can easily dwell in apartments due to their small size. These dogs can learn and perform a wide variety of tricks and can contest in shows as well.

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