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How Big Do Teacup Poodles Get?

Portrait of a tiny teacup poodle puppy

There is a lot of hype among dog lovers regarding teacup poodles due to their adorability. Teacups carry all the qualities of their bigger counterparts within their tiny cotton candy-like appearance. Perhaps, their mini size makes them ideal for canine lovers who want lap dogs and want their pups to dwell in apartments. However, size variations do exist among the teacup poodles within an upper threshold. Keep reading to know how big teacup poodles can get and when will they stop growing.

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At What Age is a Teacup Poodle Fully Grown?

Like standard and medium-sized Poodles, teacup poodles also attain their fully grown state as earlier as 1 year. A typical teacup poodle should grow up to its maximum stature within 6-8 months period however it keeps gaining weight till the age of 16-18 months. At this age, it can be considered as fully grown and you will hardly see any growth after that.

How Big Does a Teacup Poodle Get Full Grown?

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A fully grown teacup won’t exceed the height of 10 inches. Perhaps, teacup Poodles hardly reach this upper bound even. Most teacups poodles stay between 6-8 inches in height with males being slightly taller than the female teacups. There is an interesting observation regarding the size of teacup poodle that a dog who could fit in a cereal bowl is likely a Teacup

How Much do Teacup Poodles Weigh?

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Like the height, the weight of teacup poodles is also on the lower side. Most fully-grown teacup poodles weigh between 2 and 5 pounds. There is hardly a case of a teacup poodle getting more than 5 pounds. Teacups are so small and light that you can easily carry them on your palms.

Does a Teacup Poodle Grow at All?

Brown teacup poodle standing on a sidewalk

It would be wrong to say that the teacup poodles don’t grow at all. They do grow but the growth is too little that it can’t be noticed. A newly born teacup poodle usually weighs around 2 pounds and will get up to 5 pounds when fully grown. This difference of three pounds seems to be too little when you compare it with the growth of a standard poodle. A standard poodle averages 5-9 pounds of weight when 1-month-old, and it can grow up to 60-70 pounds.

How Much Care Do Teacup Poodles Need?

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Besides being one of the cutest dog types around, teacup poodles are high-maintenance pups. Experts suggest that teacup poodles are not made for first-time owners and the reason is that they require much more care than their standard version. Unfortunately, these tiny pals are more prone to medical issues due to their low immunity and daintiness. Moreover, their small size makes grooming tough. Let’s discuss each aspect of teacups’ care in detail.


Small poodle jumping in the air to catch a tennis ball at the beach

Teacups don’t require a lot of exercise. Two 10-minute walks a day or 20-30 minutes of playtime should be enough. But their smaller size again can be demeaning for the training part. Their small bodies can’t stand too much exertion. Similarly, these dogs can easily get stuck or bang into any hurdle in their way (while playing).

Putting on a leash can also be risky. This is because they have very tiny necks and pulling on a leash can cause serious injuries. Therefore, you must take several precautionary measures while playing or exercising with them.


Close up portrait of a teacup poodle

It is the most complex task related to teacup poodles. Teacups have curly or wavy coats just like their bigger counterparts. Luckily, they also don’t shed but, this doesn’t simplify the efforts needed. As their curls are smaller, it is hard to brush them exactly like other dog breeds.

You should brush your teacup poodle every day and remove dead hair regularly. Otherwise, you will get matted hair which increase the chances of hair damage and the brushing can become painful. It is advisable to dampen your pooches’ hairs using a spray bottle before brushing.

Cleaning tear spots is also one important aspect of teacups’ care. It is very common to see brown strains under the inner corner of their eyes. To reduce tear spots, you can buy a tear stain remover. At last, nail trimming is also comparatively tougher due to its small size. It will require more dexterity, care, and smaller tools to trim the nails of teacup poodles.


Small, tan poodle being held by a vet listening to its heart

Teacups suffer from multifarious health issues. The reason is a non-standardized way of breeding these dogs. The breeding of these dogs has started recently and there are no strict regulations that must be followed.

Due to the tiny stature, physical problems (like Hip and Elbow Dysplasia) are common among teacup poodles. These diseases can cause a lot of pain in the joints and will make your pup inactive and depressed.

Diseases related to their adrenal glands are also common among these dogs. Addison’s disease and Cushing’s syndrome are the worst and can even prove fatal if left untreated. Hence, you should immediately take your pup to the veterinarian if you observe any symptoms of these diseases.

Other health-related problems that a teacup poodle may have to face include diabetes, epilepsy, heart sounds, and blindness (caused by progressive retinal atrophy).

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